Elliot Matel Elliot Matel
Jeffrey P Feist, Elliot Matel, Matthew J Nagel: Exhaust deflector for a muffler. Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Michael Best & Friedrich, February 14, 2008: US20080035421-A1

An exhaust deflector is attachable to a muffler. The exhaust deflector includes a single-piece housing having a flange that defines an inlet aperture, an outlet wall that defines an outlet aperture, and an intermediate wall that interconnects the flange and the outlet wall. A mesh is in contact with ...

Aaron Carrano
Aaron W Carrano, Gopinath Kuduvalli, Michael J Saracen, Mohan Bodduluri: Imaging geometry for image-guided radiosurgery. Daniel E Ovanezian, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, February 14, 2008: US20080037705-A1

A system and method for stereoscopically imaging a patient at multiple locations in a radiation treatment system with variable imaging geometry to enable the delivery of radiation treatments from multiple ranges of treatment angles without obstructing the imaging system or the radiation treatment.

Ivo Koutsaroff 掘露 伊保龍
Ivoyl P Koutsaroff, Mark Vandermeulen, Andrew Cervin Lawry, Atin J Patel: Multi-Level Thin Film Capacitor on a Ceramic Substrate and Method of Manufacturing the Same. Joseph M Sauer, Jones Day Reavis & Pogue, February 14, 2008: US20080037200-A1

In accordance with the teachings described herein, a multi-level thin film capacitor on a ceramic substrate and method of manufacturing the same are provided. The multi-level thin film capacitor (MLC) may include at least one high permittivity dielectric layer between at least two electrode layers, ...

Randy Ekl
Surender Kumar, Mark A Birchler, Randy L Ekl, Thomas C Hill, Michael D Kotzin, Whay Chiou Lee, Peggy K Matson, Peter J Stanforth: Method and system for incentive-based ad hoc networking. Motorola, Motorola, February 14, 2008: US20080037499-A1

A system (100) and method (300) for mesh/ad hoc participation is provided. The method can include providing (310) an incentive to a user operating a device in an ad hoc network and determining (320) network resources associated with providing the incentive. The method can establish a credit system f ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Bruce M McWilliams, Belgacem Haba, Giles Humpston: Solder elements with columnar structures and methods of making the same. Tessera, Tessera, LERNER DAVID et al, February 14, 2008: US20080036100-A1

Elongated solder masses are formed by contacting the molten solder with the walls of holes in a dielectric layer overlying the front face of a chip element such as a wafer. The elongated solder masses have a relatively large aspect ratio, or ratio of height to maximum diameter, and thus provide a hi ...

Dana Gronbeck
Michael K Gallagher, Dana A Gronbeck, Timothy G Adams, Jeffrey M Calvert: Air gap formation. Shipley Company, Jonathan D Baskin, Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, February 14, 2008: US20080038518-A1

A method of forming air gaps within a solid structure is provided. In this method, a sacrificial material is covered by an overlayer. The sacrificial material is then removed through the overlayer to leave an air gap. Such air gaps are particularly useful as insulation between metal lines in an elec ...

Tanaka Kazuyuki, Yoshida Hirokazu, Shinomiya Kouki, Nagura Toshikazu: Coin type rfid tag. Sankyo, Oji Paper, February 14, 2008: JP2008-033716 (70 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a further inexpensive coin type RFID tag, capable of ensuring a longer communicating distance and a wider communication range than before for reading and writing of data.SOLUTION: The RIFD tag comprises an IC chip mount body 1 including an annular antenna circuit 6 c ...

House Kurt Z, House Christopher H, Aziz Michael J, Schrag Daniel Paul: Carbon dioxide capture and related processes. President And Fellows Of Harvard College, The Penn State Research Foundation, House Kurt Z, House Christopher H, Aziz Michael J, Schrag Daniel Paul, WALAT Robert H, February 14, 2008: WO/2008/018928 (50 worldwide citation)

Processes for capturing carbon dioxide are described. The carbon dioxide may be captured from the atmosphere and/or from the waste stream of a carbon dioxide point source (e.g., power plants, chemical plants, natural gas fields, oil fields, industrial sites, etc.). The processes can involve capturin ...

Schulte Guido: (De) Fussbodenbelag und verlegeverfahren, (En) Floor covering and laying method. Schulte Guido, BOCKERMANN KSOLL GRIEPENSTROH, February 14, 2008: WO/2008/017301 (48 worldwide citation)

(EN) Floor covering comprising a plurality of unit panels (1) laid in a pattern, these panels being provided on their head sides (2, 3) and on their longitudinal sides (4, 5) with locking strips (6, 7) which engage with one another in the assembled position in which unit panels (1) are arranged adja ...

Kim Youngnyun, Shanmugam Keelnatham, Ingram Lonnie O: Ethanol production in non-recombinant hosts. University Of Florida Research Foundation, Kim Youngnyun, Shanmugam Keelnatham, Ingram Lonnie O, BUCKLEY Linda M, February 14, 2008: WO/2008/018930 (48 worldwide citation)

Non-recombinant bacteria that produce ethanol as the primary fermentation product, associated nucleic acids and polypeptides, methods for producing ethanol using the bacteria, and kits are disclosed.

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