Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne M Scott, Jason A Rittenhour, Jack Crane: Heating element for high-speed film-sealing apparatus, and method for making same. Sealed Air Corporation, Alston & Bird, January 29, 2008: US07323665 (4 worldwide citation)

A heating element for a film-sealing apparatus comprises a heating wire segment formed of a first metal having a first reflectance to laser radiation of a predetermined wavelength. The heating element further comprises a first conductor lead comprising a wire having one end joined to a first end of ...

Robert J Dugan, John R Flanagan, Giles R Frazier, Matthew J Kalos, Louis W Ricci, Kenneth M Trowell, Harry M Yudenfriend: Transfer of error-analysis and statistical data in a fibre channel input/output system. International Business Machines Corporation, John E Campbell, Kenneth R Corsello, January 29, 2008: US07324455 (2 worldwide citation)

A computer Input/Output system having a fabric, a control unit (CU) and a host computer including a channel, the channel having a channel port connected by a first link to a channel neighbor port of the fabric, and the control unit having a CU port connected by a second link to a CU neighbor port on ...


Hideo Hosono, Masahiro Hirano, Hiromichi Ota, Masahiro Orita, Hidenori Hiramatsu, Kazushige Ueda: LnCuO(S,Se,Te)monocrystalline thin film, its manufacturing method, and optical device or electronic device using the monocrystalline thin film. Japan Science and Technology Agency, Westerman Hattori Daniels & Adrian, January 29, 2008: US07323356 (2723 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method of producing an LnCuOX single-crystal thin film (wherein Ln is at least one selected from the group consisting of lanthanide elements and yttrium, and X is at least one selected from the group consisting of S, Se and Te), which comprises the steps of growing a base thin film on ...

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An apparatus and method for performing rapid DNA sequencing, such as genomic sequencing, is provided herein. The method includes the steps of preparing a sample DNA for genomic sequencing, amplifying the prepared DNA in a representative manner, and performing multiple sequencing reaction on the ampl ...

Alfred E Mann, Richard E Purvis, John J Mastrototaro, James D Causey, James Henke, Peter Hong, John H Livingston, Clifford W Hague, Brad T Hite: Telemetered characteristic monitor system and method of using the same. Medtronic Minimed, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, January 29, 2008: US07324012 (298 worldwide citation)

A telemetered characteristic monitor system includes a remotely located data receiving device, a sensor for producing signal indicative of a characteristic of a user, and a transmitter device. The transmitter device includes a housing, a sensor connector, a processor, and a transmitter. The transmit ...

William L Tonar, Frederick T Bauer, John W Arnold, David J Cammenga, John W Carter, Bradley L Busscher, Jeremy A Fogg, John S Anderson: Electrochromic devices with thin bezel-covered edge. Gentex Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, January 29, 2008: US07324261 (243 worldwide citation)

A mirror includes an electro-optic mirror subassembly, and a thin-profiled bezel attached around a perimeter of the electrochromic mirror subassembly. The electro-optic mirror subassembly is supported on a carrier by an adheringly bonded heater and foam tape in a laminar arrangement. The bezel may b ...

Yi Yang Chang: Laser driver circuit for burst mode transmission and fabrication method thereof. Asia Optical Co, January 29, 2008: US07324572 (232 worldwide citation)

A method for making a laser driver circuit for burst mode is described. The method includes the following steps: First, a continuous mode laser driver circuit is selected, the chip having a temperature compensation output, a bias current setting input, and a reference current setting input. Next, th ...

Colin C O Goble, Mark G Marshall: Electrosurgical instrument. Gyrus Group, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, January 29, 2008: US07322975 (220 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical instrument includes a handpiece, an electrode assembly comprising one or more electrodes attached to the handpiece, and connection means for connecting the handpiece to an electrosurgical generator. The handpiece comprises a housing, fluid supply lines for directing a cooling flui ...

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Wire-guided interventional devices and methods are provided which enable faster and easier catheter exchanges. The interventional devices include a catheter shaft and a guidewire tube wherein the catheter shaft and the guidewire tube each have a length sufficient to extend to the vascular penetratio ...