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Um ein elektrisches Gerät, umfassend ein Gehäuse und mindestens einen Schaltungsträger mit einer elektrischen Schaltung, welcher in dem Gehäuse positioniert ist, wobei in einem Innenraum des Gehäuses eine Formmasse angeordnet ist, bereitzustellen, welcher bei einfacher Herstellbarkeit sicher funktio ...

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A flameless candle comprises at least one LED that emits a flickering light to emulate a flame of a candle. It has a receptacle that receives one or more batteries to provide power to said at least one LED to control circuitry includes at least one of (i) a current source controller that controls a ...

Hillis William D, Nishihara H Keith, Hsu Shi Ping: Gesture recognition interface system. Northrop Grumman, January 16, 2008: EP1879130-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

A system and method is provided for a gesture recognition interface system. The interface system may comprise a first and second light source (16,18) positioned to illuminate a background surface (20). The interface system may also comprise at least one camera (12,14) operative to receive a first pl ...

Prommersberger Megan: Novel skin staples. Tyco Healthcare, January 16, 2008: EP1878391-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure provides composite staples which include legs made of a bioabsorbable shape memory material capable of gripping tissue upon application in vivo and holding the staple in place.

Uchiyama Hiroaki: Image capturing device with automatic file name generation using detected location information. Ricoh, January 16, 2008: EP1879373-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

When image data of an object is captured by an image capturing device, related information relating to the image data is obtained from the outside of the image capturing device. A file name or a folder name is generated using the related information.

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A fast channel switching method and apparatus for a digital broadcast receiver having a single tuner are disclosed. The fast channel switching method includes setting an ongoing service channel and at least one standby service channel, buffering broadcast data received through the ongoing and standb ...

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A video-game system includes a network, a plurality of user devices and a server each coupled to the network. The plurality of user devices are each configured to receive information corresponding to at least one user action for a respective user, to transmit the information corresponding to at leas ...

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An embedded user interface incorporated into a gaming device, the gaming device including a gaming presentation of a base game and a gaming processor for controlling the base game. The embedded user interface includes: a player tracking interface and an embedded processor. The player tracking interf ...

Briand Francis, Dubet Olivier, Chovet Corinne: Laser arc hybrid welding method for surface coated metal parts, the surface coating containing aluminium. Air Liquide, January 16, 2008: EP1878531-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

The process of welding a steel part (1) by a laser beam, comprises combining the laser beam with an electric arc to operate a fusion of the metal and the welding of parts. The steel part has a coating surface (2) having aluminum (90%) and silica (10%) and a thickness of 30 mu m. The part has a thick ...

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Mit der vorliegenden Erfindung wird eine feste, redispergierbare Emulsion, bestehend aus einer Öl-in-Wasser-Emulsions-Komponente beansprucht, wobei die Emulsions-Komponente in einer durch mehrwertige Metallionen stabilisierten Hülle verkapselt ist, die zunächst wasserunlöslich ist und durch Abgabe d ...