Randa M Bobroff, Lawrence Kiliszewski, Hans Lickliter, Frederick C Houghton, Jason H Safabash, Susan M McConnell, April A Marano: Insertion device for an insertion set and method of using the same. Medtronic MiniMed, January 15, 2008: US07318816 (277 worldwide citation)

An insertion device and insertion set. The insertion device for inserting at least a portion of at least one piercing member of an insertion set through the skin of a patient includes a device housing, a carrier body and a driver. The carrier body is slidably received within the device housing for m ...

Lewis Sharps, David C Hovda, Jean Woloszko, Hira V Thapliyal, Philip E Eggers: Methods for repairing damaged intervertebral discs. ArthroCare Corporation, Brian E Szymczak, January 15, 2008: US07318823 (276 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and methods for treating an intervertebral disc by ablation of disc tissue. A method of the invention includes positioning at least one active electrode within the intervertebral disc, and applying at least a first high frequency voltage between the active electrode(s) and one or more retu ...

Young Suk Han, Sung Wook Kim, Suk Kil Yoon: Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same. Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, January 15, 2008: US07319044 (220 worldwide citation)

A nitride semiconductor light emitting device includes a substrate, an n-type nitride semiconductor layer formed on the substrate and provided with an electrode region of a predetermined area adjacent to a center of one lateral side of the top surface of the substrate, an n-type electrode formed on ...

Williams F Collins Jr, James Maurice Allen, Keith A Huster, Carl W Riley, Patricia Anne Glidewell, Irvin J Vanderpohl, Richard J Schuman, Christopher A Mathura: Configurable system for alerting caregivers. Hill Rom Services, Barnes & Thornburg, January 15, 2008: US07319386 (199 worldwide citation)

A system that monitors various conditions of a plurality of hospital beds located in different rooms of a healthcare facility is provided. Alternatively or additionally, other types of equipment may be monitored by the system. Various configurations of network interface units that are coupleable to ...

James W O Toole Jr: Methods and apparatus for selecting a server to process a request. Cisco Technology, BainwoodHuang, January 15, 2008: US07320131 (194 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to techniques for selecting a resource from several resources to process a request from a client. A client sends the request to a data communications device (e.g., network device or switch), which measures usage information from usage meters associated with each resource (e ...

Edgardo L Alvarez, Reuben Setliff III: System and method for performing irrigated nose and throat surgery. Stryker Corporation, Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis P C, January 15, 2008: US07318831 (177 worldwide citation)

A system and method for performing skull based nasal, sinus and/or throat surgery. In the system and method of this invention a cutting accessory is applied to the tissue on which a procedure is to be performed. Simultaneously with the performance of the procedure by the cutting accessory, irrigatin ...

Leopold B Willner, William P Price: Audiovisual system which uses metadata to allow user-initiated jumps from point to point within multiple audiovisual streams. Keen Personal Media, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, January 15, 2008: US07319806 (142 worldwide citation)

An audiovisual system receives audiovisual data and includes a system controller and a storage device to store at least a portion of the audiovisual data for later playback. The audiovisual system further includes a marking module to create metadata in response to a control input for marking the pro ...

William F McKay: Intervertebral disc treatment devices and methods. SDGI Holdings, Woodard Emhardt Moriarty McNett & Henry, January 15, 2008: US07318840 (137 worldwide citation)

Intervertebral disc treatment devices and methods are provided. An intervertebral disc treatment device includes a fibrous body sized for introduction into a disc cavity of a damaged disc wherein the body incorporates an effective amount of a tissue growth factor. Intervertebral disc treatment appar ...

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