Durga Malladi
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Embodiments disclosed herein address the need in the art for an extended acknowledgment/rate control channel. In one aspect, an acknowledgment command and a rate control command are combined to form a combined command. In another aspect, the combined command is generated in accordance with a constel ...

Steven Jobs
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A user interface and methods for using a user interface for controlling processing of time-based media files. In one exemplary method, a graphical representation of a time line for a time-based media is displayed along with a graphical representation of a current time along the graphical representat ...

Robert Deng
Yong Dong Wu, Huijie Robert Deng: Method for incremental authentication of documents. Agency for Science Technology and Research, Conley Rose P C, January 1, 2008: US07315866 (9 worldwide citation)

A method of protecting an electronic document, the method comprising dividing an original document into data blocks; generating a corresponding hash value for each data block; generating a corresponding hash value for a group of data blocks (GOB); generating a hash tree structure based on the corres ...