Adams Daniel O, Kusleika Richard S: Patent foramen ovale closure system. Ev3 Endovascular, December 19, 2007: EP1867287-A2 (75 worldwide citation)

Devices and methods are disclosed herein for closing a patent foramen ovale. The devices are deployed at the foramen ovale to secure the septum secundum and septum primum together, thus sealing the foramen ovale. Disclosed are devices that may be inserted through a piercing in the septum secundum an ...

Baldwin Keith Richard, Zeira Eldad, Cha Inhyok: Method and apparatus for antenna mapping selection in mimo-ofdm wireless networks. Interdigital Tech, December 19, 2007: EP1867177-A2 (39 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for selecting an antenna mapping in multiple-in/multiple-out (MIMO) enabled wireless communication networks. A candidate set of currently available antenna mappings is determined based upon measured long term channel conditions. An antenna mapping is selected from the candidat ...

Brydges Price Richard Ian: Projectile for the delivery of a payload for implanting into a target. Brydges Price Richard Ian, December 19, 2007: GB2439092-A (38 worldwide citation)

A projectile is disclosed for delivering a payload for implanting a target. The payload may comprise a medicament dosage, or a marker, or a tracking device, whilst the target may be an animal. The projectile has a cylindrical casing 1 with the nose end 2 defined by a planar front face surface 3 with ...

Govari Assaf, Altmann Andres Claudio, Ephrath Yaron: Inductive charging of tools on surgical tray. Biosense Webster, December 19, 2007: EP1868275-A2 (28 worldwide citation)

Electrical apparatus includes a tray (20), having a surface (28) on which a tool containing a rechargeable power source can be placed, and a magnetic field generator (30), which is located below the surface of the tray and is operative to generate a time-varying magnetic field of sufficient power at ...

Williams David, Bowman Michael: Cassette clamping mechanism. Alcon, December 19, 2007: EP1867349-A1 (27 worldwide citation)

A mechanism is provided for clamping a surgical cassette (100) in the cassette-receiving portion (14) of a surgical console (200). The mechanism comprises a pair of pivoting clamping bars (40,42) connected to a pneumatic cylinder (22) or an electromechanical actuator (122) through a series of links ...

Ishibashi Tatsuo, Okumura Shuzo, Matsui Yuki, Yamaoka Yoshitaka, Takagi Takayuki, Muko Hiromitsu, Omote Ryomei: Transparent antenna for display, light transmissive member for display, having antenna, and part for housing, having antenna. Nissha Printing, December 19, 2007: EP1868263-A1 (27 worldwide citation)

A transparent antenna for a display, for example, a portable telephone, the transparent antenna performing good transmission and reception, not bulky, and not impairing design of an apparatus. The transparent antenna (1) for a display has an insulating sheet-like transparent substrate (1a) and has a ...

Hamasaka Hiroshi: Optical recording medium and reproducing device. Matsushita Electric, December 19, 2007: GB2439224-A (27 worldwide citation)

There is provided an optical recording medium enabling a user to surely recognize a hybrid disc regardless of a single format player or multi-format player which is mounted. The optical recording medium includes a first recording layer and a second recording layer having different recording densitie ...

Losio Massimo: Support apparatus with gel layer. Technogel Italia S R L, December 19, 2007: EP1865812-A1 (25 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a support apparatus comprising a gel layer. In one embodiment, the gel layer is overlying one or more additional support layers. The gel layer comprises a gel, such as a polyurethane gel, and optionally comprises one or more fillers, which can be a natural or synthetic materia ...

Cahen Antoine, Cahen Philippe: Beverage distribution apparatus with support system and droplet recuperation for containers with different sizes. Nestec, December 19, 2007: EP1867260-A1 (20 worldwide citation)

The device (1) has a base (2), and a drop recuperation and support system (9), which has a support element (10) to receive a small size container. The element is movable along a deployed support position, to receive the container, and a partially moved position, to push the element so as to liberate ...

Baumann Harald, Simpson Christopher, Fiebag Ulrich, Strehmel Bernd: Method for processing of photopolymer printing plates with overcoat. Eastman Kodak Co, December 19, 2007: EP1868036-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

Method is described for producing an imaged lithographic printing plate from a precursor comprising a free-radical polymerizable coating and an oxygen-impermeable overcoat, characterized in that removing the overcoat, developing and gumming is carried out in one single step.

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