Ulrich Klostermann
Manfred Ruehrig, Ulrich Klostermann: MRAM memory cell with a reference layer and method for fabricating. Infineon Technologies, Dicke Billig & Czaha PLLC, December 18, 2007: US07309617 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method for fabricating a reference layer for MRAM memory cells and an MRAM memory cell equipped with a reference layer of this type. A reference layer of this type comprises two magnetically coupled layers having a different Curie temperature. When cooling from a temperatu ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Craig S Mitchell, Belgacem Haba: Micro lead frame packages and methods of manufacturing the same. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, December 18, 2007: US07309910 (1 worldwide citation)

A microelectronic package includes a microelectronic element having contacts, a dielectric element, at least a portion of the dielectric element extending beneath the microelectronic element, and a structure including portions of a lead frame. The structure includes a plurality of terminals and lead ...

Eb Eshun
Douglas D Coolbaugh, Ebenezer E Eshun, Terence B Hook, Robert M Rassel, Edmund J Sprogis, Anthony K Stamper, William J Murphy: Heat sink for integrated circuit devices. International Business Machines Corporation, Anthony J Canale, Greenblum & Bernstein, December 18, 2007: US07310036 (1 worldwide citation)

A resistor with heat sink is provided. The heat sink includes a conductive path having metal or other thermal conductor having a high thermal conductivity. To avoid shorting the electrical resistor to ground with the thermal conductor, a thin layer of high thermal conductivity electrical insulator i ...

Young Bae
Young C Bae, Robert J Kavanagh: Cyanoadamantyl compounds and polymers. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Peter F Corless, Darryl P Frickey, Edwards Angell Palmer Dodge, December 18, 2007: US07309750

Cyanoadamantyl compounds, polymers that comprise polymerized units of such compounds, and photoresist compositions that comprise such polymers are provided. Preferred polymers of the invention are employed in photoresists imaged at wavelengths less than 250 nm such as 248 nm and 193 nm.

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai: Routing and rate control in a universal transfer mode network. Nortel Networks, McGuinness & Manaras, December 18, 2007: US07310349 (8 worldwide citation)

A method and a network for a universal transfer mode (UTM) of transferring data packets at a regulated bit rate are disclosed. The method defines a protocol that uses an adaptive packet header to simplify packet routing and increase transfer speed. The protocol supports a plurality of data formats. ...

Mark Brister, Paul V Neale, Sean Saint, James R Petisce, Thomas F McGee, Daniel Shawn Codd, David Michael Petersen, Daniel S Kline: Methods and systems for inserting a transcutaneous analyte sensor. DexCom, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, December 18, 2007: US07310544 (598 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for measuring an analyte in a host. More particularly, the present invention relates to systems and methods for transcutaneous measurement of glucose in a host.

Dominick L Mastri, Frank J Viola, Thomas W Alesi Jr, Robert J Geiste, Jon Wilson: Surgical stapler. United States Surgical Corporation, December 18, 2007: US07308998 (389 worldwide citation)

A surgical device is described herein that can be used to fire different types and sizes of disposable loading units. In a preferred embodiment, the device applies parallel rows of surgical fasteners to body tissue and concomitantly forms an incision between the rows of staples during an endoscopic ...

Kevin J Dowling, Frederick M Morgan, Ihor A Lys, Michael K Blackwell: Universal lighting network methods and systems. Color Kinetics Incorporated, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, December 18, 2007: US07309965 (286 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to smart lighting devices bearing processors, and networks comprising smart lighting devices, capable of providing illumination, and detecting stimuli with sensors and/or sending signals. Sensors and emitters can, in some embodiments, be removed and added in a modular f ...

Csaba Truckai, John Shadduck: Polymer compositions exhibiting a PTC property and methods of fabrication. SurgRx, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, December 18, 2007: US07309849 (274 worldwide citation)

Various embodiments of the invention provide polymeric compositions including PTC composites that exhibit highly non-linear PTC effects together with extremely rapid, repeatable switching within a predetermined temperature range. In one embodiment, the polymer composite includes a polymer base mater ...

Sezen Uysal: Apparatus and method for transparent selection of an Internet server based on geographic location of a user. Paxfire, Latimer Mayberry & Matthews IP Law, December 18, 2007: US07310686 (217 worldwide citation)

This invention is an apparatus and a method that selects the optimum location of a service on the Internet according to the user's geo-location and the configuration of the invention by transparently altering the DNS messages. In the preferred embodiment, the invention operates at OSI model's data l ...