David Sherrer
Matthew L Moynihan, Bruno M Sicard, Carl J Colangelo, John P Cahalen, Brian D Amos, Kevin S Horgan, John J Fisher, David W Sherrer: Optical interface assembly and method of formation. Rohm and Haas Electronics Materials, Jonathan D Baskin, November 6, 2007: US07292756 (15 worldwide citation)

Optical interface assemblies are provided. The optical interface assemblies include a first portion having a plurality of optical waveguides. The first portion is configured for mating engagement with an optical fiber connector. A second portion is mated to the first portion. The second portion is c ...

David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, Noel A Heiks: Optoelectronic component. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Jonathan D Baskin, November 6, 2007: US07291833 (2 worldwide citation)

Provided are optoelectronic components which include an optoelectronic device mounted on a silicon substrate and a flexible circuit electrically connected to the optoelectronic device.

Durga Malladi
Serge Willenegger, Alkinoos Hector Vayanos, Durga P Malladi, Edward G Tiedemann Jr, Francesco Grilli, Josef Blanz: Method and apparatus for reducing interference in a wireless communication system. QUALCOMM Incorporated, Kam Tam, Abdollah Katbab, Thomas R Rouse, November 6, 2007: US07292552 (29 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for reducing interference in a wireless communication system when the source of interference is a deterministic component of the system. In one embodiment, the receiver weights the transmitters according to when the source of interference is transmitted. Further, the transmitter ...

Claudio De Felice, Mitchell Goldstein, Giuseppe Latini: Physiological assessment system. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, November 6, 2007: US07292883 (320 worldwide citation)

A physiological assessment system comprises a sensor and first and second processors. The sensor is adapted to generate a signal responsive to a living organism. The first processor is configured to derive a measured parameter from the sensor signal. The second processor is configured to analyze non ...

Todd K Whitehurst, James P McGivern, Rafael Carbunaru, Matthew I Haller, Tom Xiaohai He, Kerry Bradley: Vagus nerve stimulation via unidirectional propagation of action potentials. Advanced Bionics Corporation, Fish & Richardson P C, November 6, 2007: US07292890 (287 worldwide citation)

Methods of stimulating a vagus nerve include providing at least one implantable stimulator with at least two electrodes, configuring the electrodes to apply stimulation that unidirectionally propagates action potentials along a vagus nerve, and applying the stimulation to the vagus nerve to effectiv ...

Tom A Steinke, Corbett W Stone, Stephen O Ross, Brian S Kelleher, Raphael M Michel, Donald H Koenig: Selectable eccentric remodeling and/or ablation of atherosclerotic material. Minnow Medical, Townsend & Townsend & Crew, Mark D Barrish, November 6, 2007: US07291146 (274 worldwide citation)

A catheter and catheter system for eccentric remodeling and/or removal of atherosclerotic material of a blood vessel of a patient include an elongate flexible catheter body with a radially expandable structure. A plurality of electrodes or other electrosurgical energy delivery surfaces can radially ...

Elizabeth A Holmes, Shaunak Roy, John Howard, Chengwang Wang: Medical device for analyte monitoring and drug delivery. Theranos, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, November 6, 2007: US07291497 (273 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an ingestible, implantable or wearable medical device comprising a microarray which comprises a bioactive agent capable of interacting with a disease marker biological analyte; a reservoir which comprises at least one therapeutic agent and is capable of releasing the therape ...

John Colgrove, Par Botes, Michael Timpanaro, Charles H Silvers, Peter Vajgel: Performing operations without requiring split mirrors in a multi-class file system. Veritas Operating Corporation, Robert C Kowert, Meyertons Hood Kivlin Kowert & Goetzel P C, November 6, 2007: US07293133 (212 worldwide citation)

System and method for performing operations in a multi-class file system without requiring split mirrors. For one or more storage classes in the multi-class file system, operations that require stable copies of the storage classes may be performed without using split mirrors. In one embodiment, read ...

Henry Graf: Intervertebral stabilising device. SDGI Holdings, Krieg DeVault, November 6, 2007: US07291150 (187 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a device comprising an implant (18) designed to be inserted at least partially between the vertebral bodies (4, 4′) of two neighbouring vertebrae, said implant (18) being adapted to provide to said neighbouring vertebral bodies (4, 4′) at least one degree of mutual freedom, sa ...

Meir Morag, Haim Perski: Transparent digitiser. N trig, November 6, 2007: US07292229 (184 worldwide citation)

A digitizer for user interaction via an object with an electronically refreshable display screen, the digitizer comprising: a transparent sensing arrangement of detectors located at said electronically refreshable display screen for detecting an electric field of said object, said detectors having o ...