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Tunable TCR resistors incorporated into integrated circuits and a method fabricating the tunable TCR resistors. The tunable TCR resistors including two or more resistors of two or more different materials having opposite polarity and different magnitude TCRs, the same polarity and different magnitud ...

Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Chinniah Thiagarajan, Frans Andriaansen, Bhawesh Kumar: Apparatus for connecting panels. Cantor Colburn, November 1, 2007: US20070251183-A1

Disclosed herein are connectors for panels. In one embodiment a panel connector comprises, a connector comprising a rib-hinging geometry, wherein the rib-hinging geometry comprises living hinges, and wherein the rib-hinging geometry is capable of expanding in area. In another embodiment, a panel ass ...

Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
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Disclosed herein are multiwall panels comprising micro-scale surface features and methods of making the same. In one embodiment, a multiwall panel is disclosed. The multiwall panel comprises, a top sheet, a bottom sheet, a rib disposed between and connected to the top sheet and the bottom sheet, and ...

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The present invention relates to a method for controlling a LBR (Laser Beam Recorder) (56) suitable for mastering a record carrier (60) by writing data in the record carrier in circular or spiral tracks and comprising: means (58) for rotating a record carrier; means (62) for moving a laser (61) over ...

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Structures and devices, and methods of making such structures and devices, including a gate dielectric layer are provided. A semiconductor structure can include a semiconductor channel layer including a nitride-free semiconductor layer and a gate dielectric layer including a group III-nitride layer, ...

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A surgical buttress-dispensing assembly configured for releasably engaging a surgical stapling device. The surgical buttress-dispensing assembly comprises an one-piece cartridge for receiving and engaging therein an elongate buttress strip, and a carrier configured to slidingly receive, engage, and ...

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Provisioned wireless service (PWS) authentication apparatus and method simplifies determination of PWS authentication state by dual mode access point (DMAP) receiving an identifying credential from supplicant dual mode mobile station (DMMS) within predefined authentication period and comparing with ...

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A method, system and computer program for organizing and visualizing display objects within a virtual environment is provided. In one aspect, attributes of display objects define the interaction between display objects according to pre-determined rules, including rules simulating real world mechanic ...


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Devices and methods include an anchor assembly (30) engageahSe to a vertebra and a connecting element (100) positionable through a receiver (34) of the anchor assembly (30). The receiver (34) includes a body (35) extending along a longitudinal axis (37) that defines an axial bore (42) extending long ...