Eb Eshun
Chinthakindi Anil K, Eshun Ebenezer E: Thin film resistors with current density enhancing layer (cdel). Ibm, October 31, 2007: EP1849167-A2

A thin film resistor device and method of manufacture includes a layer of a thin film conductor material and a current density enhancing layer (CDEL). The CDEL is an insulator material adapted to adhere to the thin film conductor material and enables the said thin film resistor to carry higher curre ...

David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, Noel A Heiks: Wafer-level optoelectronic device substrate. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Jonathan D Baskin, October 30, 2007: US07288758 (245 worldwide citation)

Provided are optoelectronic components which include an optoelectronic device and a structure for self-aligning the optoelectronic device. Also provided are optoelectronic modules and methods of forming optoelectronic components.

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Masud Beroz: Method of making assemblies having stacked semiconductor chips. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, October 30, 2007: US07288433 (8 worldwide citation)

A stacked microelectronic assembly comprises a flexible sheet having an obverse surface and a reverse surface and including at least a first panel and a second panel. The second panel and the first panel are adjacent to each other, the second panel including terminals on the reverse surface for moun ...

David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, Noel A Heiks: Optoelectronic component having passively aligned optoelectronic device. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Jonathan D Baskin, October 30, 2007: US07288756 (4 worldwide citation)

Provided are optoelectronic components which include an optoelectronic device and a substrate having a first surface, a second surface opposite the first surface and a trench in the first surface, the trench including a bottom surface. An optoelectronic device is in the trench mounted directly to th ...

Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Device for application of hair curlers. WIK Far East, Margaret Polson, Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin PC, October 30, 2007: US07287532 (8 worldwide citation)

An application handling device 1 for rolling hair curlers 2 into hair comprising a grip section 3, at least one shaft 5 projecting from the grip section 3 for the torque-tight reception of a hair curler 2, and a hair retention finger 8, extending in its closed position parallel to the shaft 5, formi ...

Benjamin Mattes
Wen Lu, Elisabeth Smela, Phillip N Adams, Guido Zuccarello, Benjamin R Mattes: Solid-in-hollow polymer fiber electrochemical devices. Santa Fe Science and Technology, Samuel M Freund, Cochran Freund & Young, October 30, 2007: US07288871 (1 worldwide citation)

A linear electrochemical actuator is described where at least one electrically conductive (between 400 and 1000 S/cm), doped polyaniline solid fiber or a yarn produced from such fibers is disposed in an electrolyte inside of a electrically conductive polyaniline hollow fiber, thereby allowing 2-elec ...

Robert Senzig
David M Hoffman, James LeBlanc, John Tkaczyk, Robert F Senzig, Yanfeng Du: Direct conversion energy discriminating ct detector with over-ranging correction. General Electric Company, Global Research, October 25, 2007: US20070248209-A1

A CT detector capable of energy discrimination and direct conversion is disclosed. The detector includes multiple layers of semiconductor material with the layers having varying thicknesses. The detector is constructed to be segmented in the x-ray penetration direction so as to optimize count rate p ...

Benjamin Mattes
Benjamin R Mattes, Russell M Goering, Phillip N Adams, Guido Zuccarello: Synthesis Of Polyaniline. Santa Fe Science And Technology, Cochran Freund & Young, October 25, 2007: US20070249803-A1

Methods are described for preparing substantially defect-free, adjustable molecular-weight, aniline-based polymers at sub-freezing temperatures in the absence of salts effective for lowering the freezing point of the reacting solutions, and in the absence of inorganic acids containing chlorine atoms ...