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A composite end effector for an ultrasonic surgical instrument is provided and includes a first portion formed from a first material that exhibits a first characteristic value when excited by an ultrasonic energy input and a second portion formed from a second material that exhibits a second charact ...

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An optical transmission fiber comprising a central core, a first intermediate cladding having an index difference Dn 2 , with the outer cladding, a first depressed cladding having an index difference Dn 3 with the outer cladding which is higher than or equal to -5.10 -3 , the second intermediate hav ...

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Die Erfindung betrifft ein aufspreizbares Implantat zur vorzugsweise dorsalen Anordnung zwischen den Wirbelkörpern der Wirbelsäule zum Zweck, diese mechanisch zu verbinden und eine knöcherne Durchbauung zu unterstützen, bestehend aus zwei, an einem ende miteinander verbundenen Schenkeln, welche eine ...

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Impurity concentration of a second semiconductor region (101) is set such that when a predetermined reverse bias is applied to a heterojunction diode configured by a first semiconductor region (100) and the second semiconductor region (101), a breakdown voltage at least in a heterojunction region ot ...

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The present disclosure relates generally to digital conferencing. A chat server causes a chat user interface to appear as a popup window hovering over a web page. In response to a first event, the chat server causes the chat user interface to appear as part of the web page.

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The inhaler (1) for inhaling a formulation (2) from capsules (3) that each contain a dose of the formulation. The capsules are each emptied in a capsule chamber (4) by being set in motion by a stream of air flowing through the capsule chamber. The stream of air can be generated by the inhalation of ...

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Platform with ramp for small or medium sized lorries (10) for loading or unloading materials or for surmounting a structural barrier, characterized in that said platform is made up of a series of floor profile elements (26) which are laterally interconnected such that a desired overall width is obta ...

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A stent delivery system (200) for delivering a self-expanding stent (202) includes a keel (216). The keel (216) is used to pass a pushrod (204) and a guidewire (218) into a sheath (206) through the tubular sidewall of the sheath, i.e., not through the lumen opening at the proximal end (206P) of the ...

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A wind turbine rotor blade (1) with a suction side (13) and a pressure side (15) is provided. It comprises a cylindrical root portion (3) an airfoil portion (5) defining the suction side (13) and the pressure side (15), and a transition portion (7) which is located between the airfoil portion (5) an ...

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The lubricating base oil of the invention is characterized by satisfying at least one of the following conditions (a) or (b). (a) A saturated compound content of 95 % by mass or greater, and a proportion of 0.1-10 % by mass of cyclic saturated compounds among the saturated compounds. (b) The conditi ...