Mohamed SKIBA Mohamed SKIBA
Skiba Mohamed, Lahiani Malika, Bounoure Frédéric, Dechelotte Pierre: (Fr) Association de substance oleagineuse avec un melange dau moins deux cyclodextrines, (En) Association of oleaginous substance with a mixture of at least two cyclodextrins. In Cyclo, Skiba Mohamed, Lahiani Malika, Bounoure Frédéric, Dechelotte Pierre, BREESE DERAMBURE MAJEROWICZ, September 27, 2007: WO/2007/107679

(EN) The invention concerns a mixture of inclusion complexes comprising or consisting of (1) at least two different cyclodextrins selected among alpha-, beta- and gamma cyclodextrin and/or derivatives thereof, in particular derivatives thereof modified by primary and/or secondary hydroxyl groups, an ...

Elliot Matel Elliot Matel
Disch Tom, Feist Jeffrey P, Kowis Kayne, Matel Elliot, Rose Robert J, Vissers Marvin, Whitmore Jeffrey H, Zabrowski Geoffrey P: Four-stroke internal combustion engine having reduced noise emissions. Briggs &Amp Stratton, caimin jun, September 12, 2007: CN200710100662

The present invention provides a four-stroke internal combustion engine (10) having reduced noise emissions. The engine includes a filter element (38,42) having substantially flat inlet and outlet sides, a first housing portion (30), and a second housing portion (34) coupled to the first housing por ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba: Semiconductor Module with Serial Bus Connection to Multiple Dies. Morgan Lewis & Bockius Rambus, September 27, 2007: US20070223159-A1

The semiconductor module includes a heat spreader, a stack of at least two semiconductors, and a termination resistor. Each of the semiconductors include circuitry. The stack of semiconductors is thermally coupled to the heat spreader. The resistor is electrically coupled to the circuitry of at leas ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba: Semiconductor Module With Serial Bus Connection to Multiple Dies. Morgan Lewis & Bockius Rambus, September 27, 2007: US20070222061-A1

The semiconductor module includes a heat spreader and at least two semiconductors coupled thereto. Each of the semiconductors comprises a die containing integrated circuitry and electrical connectors coupled to the die. The module also includes a flexible circuit having opposing first and second sid ...

Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Massage Attachment for Motor-Driven Foot Care Apparatus. Wik Far East, Rick Martin, Patent Law Offices Of Rick Martin PC, September 27, 2007: US20070225628-A1

A massage attachment for a motor-driven foot care apparatus is disclosed. The massage attachment has a coupling piece attached torsion tight onto a driving shaft of the foot care apparatus. A central core bar is connected to the coupling piece and receives the rotational movement of the driving shaf ...

Bahman Qawami
Jogand Coulomb Fabrice, Holtzman Michael, Qawami Bahman, Barzilai Ron: Versatile content control with partitioning. Sandisk, September 26, 2007: EP1836641-A2

In some mobile storage devices, content protection is afforded by dividing the memory into separate areas where access to protected areas requires prior authentication. While such feature does provide some protection, it does not protect against a user who obtained a password by illicit means. Thus, ...

Shankar M V
Ramachandran Gopi Chandran, Madras Venugopal Shankar, Venkatraman Sivaramakrishan, Hari Nadathur Seshadri: Borate phosphor materials for use in lighting applications. Lumination, Fay Sharpe, September 25, 2007: US07274045 (55 worldwide citation)

Boron containing phosphor compositions having the formulas (1) M3Ln2(BO3)4 doped with at least one activator selected from the group of Eu2+, Mn2+, Pb2+, Ce3+, Eu3+, Tb3+, and Bi3+ where M is at least one of Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, or Zn, and Ln is at least one of Sc, Y, La, Gd, or Lu; (2) M2−xM′x(Al, Ga)2− ...

Charles Szmanda
Yang Yang, Jianyong Ouyang, Charles R Szmanda: Memory devices based on electric field programmable films. The Regents of the University of California, Venable, Henry J Daley, September 25, 2007: US07274035 (19 worldwide citation)

A composition for the formation of an electric field programmable film, the composition comprising a matrix precursor composition or a dielectric matrix material, wherein the dielectric matrix material comprises an organic polymer and/or a inorganic oxide; and an electron donor and an electron accep ...

Young Bae
Young C Bae, Robert J Kavanagh: Cyanoadamantyl compounds and polymers and photoresists comprising same. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Peter F Corless, Darryl P Frickey, Edwards Angell Palmer Dodge, September 18, 2007: US07270935

Cyanoadamantyl compounds, polymers that comprise polymerized units of such compounds, and photoresist compositions that comprise such polymers are provided. Preferred polymers of the invention are employed in photoresists imaged at wavelengths less than 250 nm such as 248 nm and 193 nm.

Eb Eshun
Anil K Chinthakindi, Ebenezer E Eshun: Thin film resistor with current density enhancing layer (CDEL). International Business Machines Corporation, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser P C, Lisa U Jaklitsch, September 18, 2007: US07271700 (6 worldwide citation)

A thin film resistor device and method of manufacture includes a layer of a thin film conductor material and a current density enhancing layer (CDEL). The CDEL is an insulator material adapted to adhere to the thin film conductor material and enables the said thin film resistor to carry higher curre ...