Bahman Qawami
Jogand Coulomb Fabrice, Holtzman Michael, Qawami Bahman, Barzilai Ron: Versatile content control with partitioning. Sandisk, September 26, 2007: EP1836641-A2

In some mobile storage devices, content protection is afforded by dividing the memory into separate areas where access to protected areas requires prior authentication. While such feature does provide some protection, it does not protect against a user who obtained a password by illicit means. Thus, ...

Kettlewell Graeme, Mandley David, Fortune David, Thompson Ian, Morris Diane: Tissue-adhesive materials. Tissuemed, September 26, 2007: EP1837041-A1 (191 worldwide citation)

A multi-lamellar tissue-adhesive sheet has a first layer comprising a film-forming polymer, to which first layer is bonded a second layer of material containing tissue-reactive functional groups. The film-forming polymer is preferably a basic polysaccharide, particularly chitosan or a derivative the ...

Ortiz Mark S, Shelton Frederick E Iv, Spivey James T: Devices for controlling articulation of surgical instruments. Ethicon Endo Surgery, September 26, 2007: EP1836986-A2 (159 worldwide citation)

Devices (10) are provided for controlling movement of a working end (12b) of a surgical device. In one embodiment, devices are provided for moving an end effector (16) on a distal end of a surgical fastening device. Movement can include rotational movement of the end effector about an axis (A) of th ...

Messerly Jeffrey D, Baxter Chester O Iii: Surgical fastener and instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, September 26, 2007: EP1836971-A2 (70 worldwide citation)

A surgical fastener (30) including a filament (31) formed into a generally helical shape around a fastener axis and having a plurality of coils (32). The proximal end of the filament has an engagement member (36) and the distal end of the filament has a penetrating tip (34). The engagement member ma ...

Suzuki Hitoshi: Electric vacuum cleaner. Toshiba TEC, September 26, 2007: EP1836941-A2 (60 worldwide citation)

An electric vacuum cleaner, including: a dust separating section (52) to separate a dust sucked from a suction opening with air; a dust-collecting chamber (73) for collecting the dust separated at the dust separating section (52); a light emitting diode (D1) for emitting a light into the dust-collec ...

Stefanchik David, Spivey James T, Vakharia Omar, Kuhns Jesse J, Applegate Rick D: Intubation device for enteral feeding. Ethicon Endo Surgery, September 26, 2007: EP1836980-A1 (54 worldwide citation)

An intubation device is provided for use with a guide apparatus having a track that is adapted to be associated with an endoscope such that bending of the track is substantially decoupled from bending of the endoscope. The intubation device includes an elongated, flexible tube and a mating member at ...

Fornage Martin: Mehtod and apparatus for converting direct surrent to alternating current. Pvi Solutions, September 26, 2007: EP1837985-A2 (34 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for converting Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). The method comprises performing system analysis on at least one of a DC current, DC voltage, or an AC voltage; utilizing the system analysis for selecting at least one conversion parameter; and converting DC to AC ...

Stein Gideon, Hadassi Ofer, Ben Haim Naom, Wolfovitz Uri: Headlight, taillight and streetlight detection. Mobileye Technologies, September 26, 2007: EP1837803-A2 (29 worldwide citation)

A method in a computerized system including an image sensor mounted in a moving vehicle. The image sensor captures image frames consecutively in real time. In one of the image frames, a spot is detected of measurable brightness; the spot is matched in subsequent image frames. The image frames are av ...

Neethling William Morris Leona, Hodge Andrew Julian: An implantable biomaterial and a method of producing same. Celxcel, September 26, 2007: EP1835948-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an implantable biomaterial and methods of producing same. In particular, the present invention relates to a method for producing an implantable biomaterial comprising (a) exposing a biomaterial to an alcohol-containing solution for at least 24 hours.

Stark Jan W, Osterwalder Neil: Production of saturated c2 to c5 hydrocarbons. Eth Zuerich, September 26, 2007: EP1837320-A1 (27 worldwide citation)

Catalytic methods for the production of saturated hydrocarbons with 2 to 5 carbon atoms per molecule by conversion of small hydrocarbon halides and/or hydrogenation of carbonaceous material are disclosed that result in high yield of saturated C2 to C5 hydrocarbons at reduced corrosion of the reactor ...

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