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Boron containing phosphor compositions having the formulas (1) M3Ln2(BO3)4 doped with at least one activator selected from the group of Eu2+, Mn2+, Pb2+, Ce3+, Eu3+, Tb3+, and Bi3+ where M is at least one of Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, or Zn, and Ln is at least one of Sc, Y, La, Gd, or Lu; (2) M2−xM′x(Al, Ga)2− ...

Charles Szmanda
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A composition for the formation of an electric field programmable film, the composition comprising a matrix precursor composition or a dielectric matrix material, wherein the dielectric matrix material comprises an organic polymer and/or a inorganic oxide; and an electron donor and an electron accep ...

Tammy Balzar
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A dispenser for sheet materials includes a top portion, a bottom portion, and a restraining member preventing the top and bottom portion from separating. The top portion and the bottom portion can telescope to vary the dispenser's overall height. In one embodiment, by designing a dispenser having bo ...


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The present invention provides a system for surgery which includes an ultrasonic hand piece having a end-effector, a console having a digital signal processor (DSP) for controlling the hand piece, and a memory disposed in the end-effector. The generator console sends a drive current to drive the han ...

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A monitor has a primary input responsive to a first property of a tissue site. An uncompensated measurement is determinable from the primary input. A parameter input is responsive to a second property associated with the tissue site, where the first property is dependent upon the second property. Th ...

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Methods and systems are provided for optimizing the control of energy supply and demand. An energy control unit includes one or more algorithms for scheduling the control of energy consumption devices on the basis of variables relating to forecast energy supply and demand. Devices for which energy c ...

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A mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a mirror element having at least one substrate that has a forward surface and a rearward surface. The mirror element comprises at least one substantially reflective metallic layer sandwiched between a respective pair of substantially transparent non-metallic ...

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A system for managing collection of data and remote operation of fielded remote units is disclosed. The remote units may be incorporated in automatic meter reading systems, capacitor bank switching systems, power line fault detection units, power recloser units, surveillance systems, railroad switch ...

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A computer data processing system including a central processing unit configured with a novel integrated computer control software system for the management of data objects including dynamic and automatic organization, linking, finding, cross-referencing, viewing and retrieval of multiple objects re ...