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Methods for treating kinesia (motion sickness) by local administration of a Clostridial toxin, such as a botulinum toxin, to a cranial or neck area of a patient susceptible to motion sickness.

Eb Eshun
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A thin film resistor device and method of manufacture includes a layer of a thin film conductor material and a current density enhancing layer (CDEL). The CDEL is an insulator material adapted to adhere to the thin film conductor material and enables the said thin film resistor to carry higher curre ...

Young Bae
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Cyanoadamantyl compounds, polymers that comprise polymerized units of such compounds, and photoresist compositions that comprise such polymers are provided. Preferred polymers of the invention are employed in photoresists imaged at wavelengths less than 250 nm such as 248 nm and 193 nm.

Longzhi Jiang
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A method includes heating a MRI shim with a heater to reduce a temperature rise per unit of time during a gradient operation of a MRI system.


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The invention provides a method and system for creating an innovative file system that separates its directory presentation from its data store. The method and system include processing, division, distribution, managing, synchronizing, and reassembling of file system objects that does not delay the ...

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A pulse oximeter sensor may include reusable and disposable portions, and may include a connector adapted to electrically communicate with a physiological measurement instrument. Instrument port is in communication with the connector and provides communication with a sensor memory capable of storing ...

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An Applications Processor (14) including a centralized database system is used in a wireless location system (WLS). The APs 14 may be used to manage resources in the WLS, including signal collection systems (SCSs 10) and TDOA location processors (TLPs 12). Each AP 14 contains a database containing t ...

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Methods and apparatus for configuring process, environmental, industrial and other control systems generate and/or utilize models representing configurations of control systems and/or the systems controlled by them. Records of changes to the models or the configurations represented by them are maint ...

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An end effector assembly for use with an instrument for sealing vessels and cutting vessels includes a pair of opposing first and second jaw members which are movable relative to one another from a first spaced apart position to a second position for grasping tissue therebetween. Each jaw member inc ...