Robert Senzig
David M Hoffman, James LeBlanc, John Tkaczyk, Robert F Senzig, Yanfeng Du: Direct conversion energy discriminating ct detector with over-ranging correction. General Electric Company, Global Research, September 6, 2007: US20070206722-A1

A CT detector capable of energy discrimination and direct conversion is disclosed. The detector includes multiple layers of semiconductor material with the layers having varying thicknesses. The detector is constructed to be segmented in the x-ray penetration direction so as to optimize count rate p ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Masud Beroz, Teck Gyu Kang, Yoichi Kubota, Sridhar Krishnan, John B Riley, Ilyas Mohammed: Microelectronic packages and methods therefor. Tessera, Tessera, LERNER DAVID et al, September 6, 2007: US20070205496-A1

A microelectronic package includes a microelectronic element having faces and contacts, the microelectronic element having an outer perimeter, and a substrate overlying and spaced from a first face of the microelectronic element, whereby an outer region of the substrate extends beyond the outer peri ...

Durga Malladi
Edward G Tiedemann, Aleksandar Damnjanovic, Avinash Jain, Durga P Malladi, David Puig Oses, Peter Gaal, Stein Lundby, Sandip Sarkar, Tao Chen, Yongbin Wei, Serge Willenegger: Combining grant, acknowledgement, and rate control commands. Qualcomm Incorporated, Qualcomm Incorporated, September 6, 2007: US20070206623-A1

Embodiments disclosed herein address the need in the art for reduced overhead control with the ability to adjust transmission rates as necessary. In one aspect, a first signal indicates an acknowledgement of a decoded subpacket and whether or not a rate control command is generated, and a second sig ...

Shelton Frederick E Iv, Doll Kevin R, Swayze Jeffrey S, Timperman Eugene L: Surgical instrument having removable battery. Ethicon Endo Surgery, September 6, 2007: JP2007-222615 (179 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a surgical instrument having a removable battery.SOLUTION: The surgical instrument 300 comprises a handle, a battery 64, a motor 65, and a lockout system 316. The handle comprises a primary portion 302 and a grip portion 304. The grip portion 304 is releasably connec ...

Hayama Kosuke, Saito Keisuke: Antenna and rfid tag. Omron, September 6, 2007: JP2007-228325 (83 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a compact broadband antenna capable of suppressing degradation of a radiation efficiency at a desired wavelength band, and to provide an RFID tag.SOLUTION: The antenna includes: a feeding part 11 constituted of a conductor; meandering parts 13a, 13b being a pair of m ...

Seto Ichiro, Obayashi Shuichi: Radio communication base station device, receiver for optical transmission of radio signal and transceiver for optical transmission of radio signal. Toshiba, September 6, 2007: JP2007-228603 (54 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a receiver for optical radio signal transmission and transceiver for optical radio signal transmission or radio communication base station device in which there are included extensibility and flexibility to deal with a radio communication systems having different fre ...

Kojima Katsuya, Kitachi Mitsuhiro: Visible light communication system and information processing apparatus. Kyocera, September 6, 2007: JP2007-228512 (50 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a visible light communication system capable of sure;y and speedily specifying a target place, andto provide an information processing apparatus.SOLUTION: After a present location is measured by using a GPS or the like, the present location and conditions are transmi ...

Ohashi Tsutomu: Interrogator of wireless tag communication system. Brother, September 6, 2007: JP2007-228254 (47 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce reception interference due to mixing with leaked components of a transmission signal.SOLUTION: An interrogator 100 comprises a transmission/reception shared antenna 1 for delivery of signals by wireless communication from an antenna of a wireless tag circuit element, ...

Matsuoka Masayoshi: Network server. Funai Electric, September 6, 2007: JP2007-228205 (35 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a network server, in which a content reproducer is not required to record the reproduction position of a content performing resume reproduction, when a content performing resume reproduction is transmitted to the content reproducer, and the content reproducer used for ...

Yamagashiro Hisashi, Maniwa Toru, Kai Manabu: Rfid tag. Fujitsu, September 6, 2007: JP2007-228437 (30 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make it possible for an RFID tag to adapt for the difference in use environment and easily attain matching of an antenna.SOLUTION: An RFID tag is equipped with a tag antenna 102 comprising dipole-shaped antenna patterns 104, 105 connected to an IC 103 for an RFID, a matching ...

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