Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Masud Beroz, David B Tuckerman, Giles Humpston, Richard Dewitt Crisp: Connection structures for microelectronic devices and methods for forming such structures. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, August 28, 2007: US07262368 (5 worldwide citation)

Provided are connection structures for a microelectronic device and methods for forming the structure. A substrate is included having opposing surfaces and a plurality of holes extending through the surfaces. Also included is a plurality of electrically conductive posts. Each post extends from a bas ...

Eric Teller, John M Stivoric, Christopher D Kasabach, Christopher D Pacione, John L Moss, Craig B Liden: Apparatus for monitoring health, wellness and fitness. BodyMedia, Metz Lewis, Barry I Friedman, August 28, 2007: US07261690 (508 worldwide citation)

A detecting, monitoring and reporting apparatus includes at least two sensors for facilitating the generation of data indicative of physiological parameters of the individual and/or data indicative of a contextual parameters of the individual. A processor is coupled to the sensors and is adapted to ...

John A Hauck, Jeff A Schweitzer, Michael Craven, Valtino Afonso, Holly Cotner, Frank Callaghan, John Schultz: Method and apparatus for catheter navigation and location and mapping in the heart. St Jude Medical Atrial Fibrillation Division, August 28, 2007: US07263397 (319 worldwide citation)

A medical system for finding and displaying the location of electrodes within the body. The electrodes may be used to measure the voltage on the heart wall and display this as an activation map on a geometry representing the heart chamber.

Chien Hua Chen, Zhizhang Chen, Neal W Meyer: 3D interconnect with protruding contacts. Hewlett Packard Development Company, Jim McDaniel, August 28, 2007: US07262495 (277 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a semiconductor having protruding contacts comprising, a first semiconductor substrate having at least one interconnect located substantially within the first substrate, and a second semiconductor substrate having at least one protruding contact point that substantially con ...

Michael Strobel, Andreas Weiler, Andre Timmermans: Biodegradable interference screw and tool for attaching a transplant to a bone. Karl Storz & Co KG, St Onge Steward Johnston & Reens, August 28, 2007: US07261716 (242 worldwide citation)

A biodegradable interference screw for directly affixing a transplant to a bone, the interference screw being provided with at least one longitudinal groove designed to co-act with a tool for insertion of and if necessary, removal of the interference screw from an opening provided in the bone to rec ...

Matthew G Liberty: 3D pointing devices with orientation compensation and improved usability. Hillcrest Laboratories, Potomac Patent Group PLLC, August 28, 2007: US07262760 (238 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods according to the present invention describe 3D pointing devices which enhance usability by transforming sensed motion data from a first frame of reference (e.g., the body of the 3D pointing device) into a second frame of reference (e.g., a user's frame of reference). One exemplar ...

Sheila S Stevens, Ryan P Boucher, Lulu Follmer, Nenita Salom, Paul Reiss, Cesar Ico, Karen D Talmadge, Mark A Reiley, Arie Scholten: Inflatable device for use in surgical protocol relating to fixation of bone. Kyphon, Ryan Kromholz & Manion S C, August 28, 2007: US07261720 (186 worldwide citation)

A balloon for use in compressing cancellous bone and marrow (also known as medullary bone or trabecular bone). The balloon comprises an inflatable balloon body for insertion into said bone. The body has a shape and size to compress at least a portion of the cancellous bone to form a cavity in the ca ...

Ajay Tripathi, Bernd Clauberg, Young Kee Min, Raghuram Narasimhan, Rohit Khetarpal: LEDS driver. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, August 28, 2007: US07262559 (183 worldwide citation)

The power supply (20) for LEDs provides power to a LED light source (10) having a variable number of LEDs wired in series and/or in parallel. The power supply (20) uses current and voltage feedback to adjust power to the LEDs and provides protection to the LED light source (10). A feedback controlle ...

Henri Justino: Stent mounted valve. August 28, 2007: US07261732 (178 worldwide citation)

There is described a prosthetic valve to be inserted into a body lumen, the valve having leaflets that are spread apart during forward flow of fluid to create an orifice, and the leaflets coming into contact with each other during reverse flow of fluid, thereby impeding the reverse flow of fluid, th ...

Patrick Heslin, Niall R Lynam: Accessory mounting system for mounting a plurality of accessories to the windshield of a vehicle. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, August 28, 2007: US07262406 (161 worldwide citation)

An accessory mounting system suitable for mounting a plurality of accessories at a windshield portion within the interior cabin of a vehicle comprises a housing that is adapted for releasable mounting to a receiving structure on the interior surface of the windshield of the vehicle. The housing hous ...