Elliot Matel Elliot Matel
Disch Tom, Feist Jeffrey P, Kowis Kayne, Matel Elliot, Rose Robert J, Vissers Marvin, Whitmore Jeffrey H, Zabrowski Geoffrey P: Four-stroke internal combustion engine having reduced noise emissions. Briggs & Stratton, August 22, 2007: EP1820556-A1

The present invention provides a four-stroke internal combustion engine (10) having reduced noise emissions. The engine includes a filter element (38,42) having substantially flat inlet and outlet sides, a first housing portion (30), and a second housing portion (34) coupled to the first housing por ...


Eric First, M.D.
First Eric R: Botulinum toxin therapy for skin disorders. Allergan, August 22, 2007: EP1820510-A1

Use of a botulinum toxin for the manufacture of a medicament for treating a skin disorder selected from the group consisting of a neuroma, hammertoe, dermatofibroma, mole, granuloma or a keratose.

Murakami Nagisa, Ishikura Masaharu: Green algal extract containing astaxanthin having high storage stability. Yamaha Motor, August 22, 2007: EP1820499-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides means for increasing the storage stability of astaxanthin in a green algal extract, and a green algal extract containing astaxanthin having high storage stability. The present invention provides a green algal extract comprising astaxanthin at a concentration of 0.5 to ...

Turan Halil: Quick ice making units. Vestel Beyaz Esya Sanayi Ve Ti, August 22, 2007: EP1821051-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

The invention is quick ice-making units (A, B) in a freezing compartment which use a cooling technique based on directing ambient air forcibly by a fan (15) - motor (16) mechanism located in a freezing compartment to the compartment of a cooling element (17) such as an evaporator, and cooling this a ...

Bohne Ulrich: Device for fixing a tool on a drive shaft of a hand-held machine tool, which can be driven in an oscillating manner. Bosch Robert, August 22, 2007: EP1819490-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

Die Erfindung geht aus von einer Vorrichtung mit einem Zentrierelement (10) und wenigstens einem Formschlusselement (12) zum Befestigen eines axial aufsteckbaren Werkzeugs (14) an einer oszillierend antreibbaren Antriebswelle (16) einer Handwerkzeugmaschine (28), wobei das Zentrierelement (10) zum Z ...

Govari Assaf, Altmann Andres Claudio, Ephrath Yaron: Lesion assessment by pacing. Biosense Webster, August 22, 2007: EP1820464-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

Monitoring intracardiac ablation progress in near real time is accomplished by evaluating capture of a pacing signal while ablation energy is concurrently directed to a target site. Sufficiency of ablation is indicated by failure of signal capture at a maximum predetermined pacing voltage. A common ...

Fujiwara Tomoharu, Nishii Yasufumi, Shiraishi Kenichi: Maintenance method, maintenance apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method. Nippon Kogaku, August 22, 2007: EP1821337-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

There is provided an exposure apparatus' maintenance method by which contamination of a liquid can be prevented. An exposure apparatus is provided with a nozzle member (70) that has at least one of a supply outlet (12) which supplies the liquid and a collection inlet (22) which recovers the liquid. ...

Saito Shiuji, Ohta Hiroshi, Ishizaka Tomoko, Yoshinaga Mitsukane, Tatsuzuki Makoto, Yokobori Yuji, Tomishima Yasumitsu, Morita Aki, Toda Yoshihisa, Tokugawa Kimiko, Kaku Ayaka, Murakami Tomomi, Yoshimura Hiromitsu, Sekine Shingo, Yoshimizu Takao: Imine compound. Taisho Pharma, August 22, 2007: EP1820504-A1 (27 worldwide citation)

An imine compound represented by the formula: wherein A represents a heterocyclic group; R 1 , R 2 , an R 3 each represent a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, a C 1-10 alkyl group optionally substituted with an aryl group(s) substituted with a halogen atom (s), a C 3-10 cycloalkyl group, a C 1-6 haloal ...