Robert Senzig
David M Hoffman, James LeBlanc, John Tkaczyk, Robert F Senzig, Yanfeng Du: Direct conversion energy discriminating CT detector with over-ranging correction. General Electric Company, Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group SC, August 21, 2007: US07260174 (47 worldwide citation)

A CT detector capable of energy discrimination and direct conversion is disclosed. The detector includes multiple layers of semiconductor material with the layers having varying thicknesses. The detector is constructed to be segmented in the x-ray penetration direction so as to optimize count rate p ...


Eugene Fitzgerald
Eugene Fitzgerald, Matthew Currie: Methods for fabricating strained layers on semiconductor substrates. AmberWave Systems Corporation, Goodwin Procter, August 21, 2007: US07259108

Methods for fabricating multi-layer semiconductor structures including strained material layers using a minimum number of process tools and under conditions optimized for each layer. Certain regions of the strained material layers are kept free of impurities that can interdiffuse from adjacent porti ...


Dominick L Mastri, Frank J Viola, Thomas W Alesi Jr, Robert J Geiste, Jon Wilson: Surgical stapler. Tyco Healthcare Group, August 21, 2007: US07258262 (527 worldwide citation)

A surgical device is described herein that can be used to fire different types and sizes of disposable loading units. In a preferred embodiment, the device applies parallel rows of surgical fasteners to body tissue and concomitantly forms an incision between the rows of staples during an endoscopic ...

Matthew Bell: Interactive video display system. Reactrix Systems, Carr & Ferrell, August 21, 2007: US07259747 (435 worldwide citation)

A device allows easy and unencumbered interaction between a person and a computer display system using the person's (or another object's) movement and position as input to the computer. In some configurations, the display can be projected around the user so that that the person's actions are display ...

Imad Libbus, Bruce H KenKnight, Julia Moffitt, Yatheendhar D Manicka: Combined remodeling control therapy and anti-remodeling therapy by implantable cardiac device. Cardiac Pacemakers, Schwegman Lundberg Woessner & Kluth P A, August 21, 2007: US07260431 (345 worldwide citation)

A method and device for delivering ventricular resynchronization pacing therapy in conjunction with electrical stimulation of nerves which alter the activity of the autonomic nervous system is disclosed. Such therapies may be delivered by an implantable device and are useful in preventing the delete ...

Joel Racchini, Michael Hilgers, Phil Stout, Thomas Rademacher, Joel Mechelke, Cass A Hanson: Devices, systems and methods for extracting bodily fluid and monitoring an analyte therein. Lifescan, August 21, 2007: US07258673 (217 worldwide citation)

An interstitial fluid (ISF) extraction device includes a penetration member configured for penetrating a target site of a user's skin layer and, subsequently, residing in the user's skin layer and extracting an ISF sample therefrom and at least three concentrically-arranged pressure rings, each adap ...

Stefan Beier, Eugen Eibofner, Hans Heckenberger, Ernst Strohmaier, Armin Imhof: Medical or dental instrument and/or supply unit and/or care unit and/or system for the medical or dental instrument. Kaltenbach & Voigt & Co KG, Marshall Gerstein & Borun, August 21, 2007: US07258546 (201 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a medical or dental-medical instrument (2) having a memory element (10p) for identification and/or operational parameter data. IN order to extend the range of possible applications of the instrument, the memory element (10p) is constituted for the overwriting of the data by ...

Yinjun Zhu, Richard Dickinson, Roger Marshall, Steven P Helme: Solutions for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) 911 location services. TeleCommunication Systems, William H Bollman, August 21, 2007: US07260186 (196 worldwide citation)

An E-9-1-1 voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution is provided wherein a 911 call from a mobile VoIP device is routed directly to the correct Public Safety Answer Point (PSAP) via dedicated trunks, together with correct location information and call-back number. VoIP gateways are implemented locally, at least ...