Craig Allen
Douglas Stevenson, Craig Allen Gooding: Method and system for augmenting web content. Vibrant Media, Fenwick & West, August 14, 2007: US07257585 (24 worldwide citation)

A system for augmenting data from a source data file with data from a reference database to generate an augmented data file is provided. The system includes a reference database including at least one reference datum. A handler component is configured to retrieve a source data file including the str ...

David Sherrer
Dan A Steinberg, David W Sherrer: Multi-level optical structure and method of manufacture. Shipley Company L L C, Jonathan D Baskin, August 14, 2007: US07255978 (2 worldwide citation)

A multi-level optical device includes a substrate having a baseline level. At least one feature is disposed at a level above the baseline level. At least one feature is disposed at a level below the baseline level, or in the feature above the baseline level is located at a distance apart from the fe ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Eugene A Fitzgerald: Relaxed SiGe platform for high speed CMOS electronics and high speed analog circuits. AmberWave Systems Corporation, Goodwin Procter, August 14, 2007: US07256142 (26 worldwide citation)

Structures and methods for fabricating high speed digital, analog, and combined digital/analog systems using planarized relaxed SiGe as the materials platform. The relaxed SiGe allows for a plethora of strained Si layers that possess enhanced electronic properties. By allowing the MOSFET channel to ...

Dana Gronbeck
Michael K Gallagher, Dana A Gronbeck, Timothy G Adams, Jeffrey M Calvert: Air gap formation. Shipley Company L L C, Jonathan D Baskin, August 14, 2007: US07256127 (25 worldwide citation)

A method of forming air gaps within a solid structure is provided. In this method, a sacrificial material is covered by an overlayer. The sacrificial material is then removed through the overlayer to leave an air gap. Such air gaps are particularly useful as insulation between metal lines in an elec ...





Ian A McCabe, Hamid Habibi, Niall R Lynam, Donald L Bareman: Electro-optic mirror cell. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, August 14, 2007: US07255451 (396 worldwide citation)

A reflective element assembly for a variable reflectance vehicular mirror includes a front substrate having a transparent conductive coating disposed on a second surface, and a rear substrate having a third surface conductive coating disposed on its third surface and preferably, a fourth surface con ...

Alfred D Ducharme, Frederick M Morgan, Ihor A Lys, Kevin J Dowling, George G Mueller: Methods and apparatus for generating and modulating illumination conditions. Color Kinetics Incorporated, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, August 14, 2007: US07255457 (284 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for generating essentially white light. In one example, a white light generating apparatus comprises at least one first white LED characterized by a first spectrum, and at least one second white LED characterized by a second spectrum, wherein the first spectrum is substantially ...