Elmore Glenn E: Distributed antenna system using overhead power lines. Corridor Systems, July 18, 2007: EP1807950-A2 (73 worldwide citation)

A distributed antenna system having a transport portion including at least one overhead power line for transmitting system information along its length, and a distribution portion including at least one local access point disposed along the length of the power line for providing local access to info ...

Kim Sun Bae, Do Gwan Pyo, Kim Tae Il: Method and a system for detecting spam by extracting keywords from data registered by the user and matching the keywords with each word group. Nhn Corporation, July 18, 2007: KR1020060012510 (62 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A method and a system for detecting spam based on keywords are provided to reduce human resource/expense required for managing spam data by extracting the keywords from data registered by the user, matching the keywords with each word group, and automatically determining/deleting the spam b ...

Mcpherson James W: Rf return pad current detection system. Sherwood Serv, July 18, 2007: EP1808144-A2 (34 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure provides an electrosurgical return pad current detection system for use in monopolar surgery as well as a method of using the same. The detection system comprises a plurality of conductive pads which include a plurality of conductive elements. The detection system further incl ...

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A process fro producing fro producing a high-performance catalyst for use in a reaction for acrylic acid production from propane or propylene through air oxidation, is provided. A process for producing a metal oxide catalyst having the following composition formula, the process comprising the follow ...

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The electrical measuring apparatus (17) and temperature sensing apparatus minimises the number of connections required for each contact (30, 31) of a battery (18). The present invention measures the core temperature of the battery (18) which is useful in monitoring the health of the battery (18). Th ...

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An organic electroluminescent device having a pair of electrodes and at least one organic layer including a light-emitting layer interposed between the pair of electrodes, in which the organic layer contains at least one compound represented by formula (I): Formula (I) wherein Z

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An apparatus for measuring the blood oxygen level of a patient is disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a housing having an interior surface of non-reflective material substantially surrounding an interior. A cooperating light source and detector are operatively positioned proximate t ...

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Software and apparatus are provided to automatically detect and map areas of complex fractionated electrograms within cardiac chambers. Electrogram signal are analyzed to count the number of complexes whose amplitude and peak-to-peak intervals meet certain criteria. Functional maps indicating averag ...

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The application relates to the field of communications and more particularly to an apparatus and method of generating a new event from a document. In accordance with one aspect of the present application, recognized date/time references contained in a document allow a new event to be created. Such d ...

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An amorphous object of (3E)-1-[1(s)-1-(4-fluorophenyl)ethyl]-3-[3-methoxy-4-(4methyl-1H-imidazol-1-yl)benzylidene]piperidine-2-one, which is represented by the formula (1) and has A-production inhibitory activity. The amorphous object has such satisfactory properties that it has excellent solubility ...