Jennifer J.-N. Liu
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A method for allocating and resizing a link on a communication medium is provided. The utilization of an allocated link is monitored and an unused bandwidth thereof is determined. Upon request for allocation of a second link, at least a portion of the unused bandwidth is included in the bandwidth of ...

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Methods and systems are described for performing storage operations on electronic data in a network. In response to the initiation of a storage operation and according to a first set of selection logic, a media management component is selected to manage the storage operation. In response to the init ...

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Disposable bandage apparatus for use in oximetry having adhesive on at least a portion of at least one face thereof, at least one plastic receptacle mounted thereon and a radiation transparent window bounded by said receptacle.

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A connector includes a unitary body defining a hollow center region configured and arranged to receive a proximal contact portion of a lead. The unitary body may define connector pockets and seal features within the hollow center region. The connector pockets can be spaced-apart and may define openi ...

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Disclosed herein are methods and apparatuses for sequencing a nucleic acid. These methods permit a very large number of independent sequencing reactions to be arrayed in parallel, permitting simultaneous sequencing of a very large number (>10,000) of different oligonucleotides.

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The present invention provides a method, apparatus, and computer implemented instructions for sharing highlighted passages and notations in an electronic book. A user can highlight passages and/or notes, which are tagged and automatically sent to a designated set of recipients. The designated recipi ...

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A mobile phone system with a mobile phone having internal accounting capabilities for real time call debiting to account for the billing parameters of a mobile phone unit that is operated in a multi zone communication network with a complex rate structure, the mobile phone unit having an internal pr ...

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A method and information system for capturing signals, for processing signals, and for providing signals at least partially based on, or bearing correlation to, the captured signals is disclosed. The information system includes a signal input unit, a wireless communication unit, and an output unit. ...