Eb Eshun
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A structure for resistors and the method for tuning the same. The resistor comprises an electrically conducting region coupled to a liner region. Both the electrically conducting region and the liner region are electrically coupled to first and second contact regions. A voltage difference is applied ...

Matthias Bauer
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Methods for depositing epitaxial films such as epitaxial Ge and SiGe films. During cooling from high temperature processing to lower deposition temperatures for Ge-containing layers, Si or Ge compounds are provided to the substrate. Smooth, thin, relatively defect-free Ge or SiGe layers result. Retr ...

Manoj Gokhale
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In accordance with one aspect of the present technique, a method of reducing pollutant emissions from a compression-ignition engine is provided. The method includes adjusting timing of fuel injection into a combustion chamber of a piston-cylinder assembly of the compression-ignition engine. The meth ...

Shaun Cutts, Andres Rodriguez: Fixed content distributed data storage using permutation ring encoding. Archivas, David H Judson, July 3, 2007: US07240236 (641 worldwide citation)

A file protection scheme for fixed content in a distributed data archive uses computations that leverage permutation operators of a cyclic code. In an illustrative embodiment, an N+K coding technique is described for use to protect data that is being distributed in a redundant array of independent n ...

Frank J Viola: Wound closure material applicator and stapler. Tyco Healthcare Group, July 3, 2007: US07238195 (558 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling apparatus includes a staple anvil and a staple cartridge having a working surface, one or more rows of individual staple slots formed in the working surface, a knife track formed along a length of the working surface, and a plurality of surgical staples individually disposed with ...

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To serve content through a content delivery network (CDN), the CDN must have some information about the identity, characteristics and state of its target objects. Such additional information is provided in the form of object metadata, which according to the invention can be located in the request st ...

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An apparatus and system are disclosed for indicating relative positions of elements in a surgical apparatus. The indicating elements can include electrical circuitry that provides means for activating visual, audible or tactile indicators, thereby alerting the user that an event has occured with res ...

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Methods are disclosed for assessing the condition of a cartilage in a joint, particularly a human knee. The methods include converting an image such as an MRI to a three dimensional map of the cartilage. The cartilage map can be correlated to a movement pattern of the joint to assess the affect of m ...

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A blood constituent monitoring method for inducing an active pulse in the blood volume of a patient. The induction of an active pulse results in a cyclic, and periodic change in the flow of blood through a fleshy medium under test. By actively inducing a change of the blood volume, modulation of the ...

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A bioactive spinal implant used in cervical fusion, Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF), Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF), and Transforaminal Interbody Fusion (TLIF), having properties and geometries that enhance bone contact, stability, and fusion between adjacent vertebral bodies.