Bahman Qawami
Robert C Chang, Bahman Qawami, Farshid Sabet Sharghi: Method and apparatus for resolving physical blocks associated with a common logical block. SanDisk Corporation, Anderson Levine & Lintel, June 19, 2007: US07234036 (6 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for determining which of a plurality of physical blocks associated with a logical block is more recently associated with the logical block are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, a method for resolving associations of a first physical block and a second ...

Robert Deng
Feng Bao, Jianying Zhou, Huijie Deng: Method of generating an authentication. Agency For Science Technology and Research, Greenblum & Berstein, June 19, 2007: US07233782 (19 worldwide citation)

A method of generating an authentication for updating a mobile communications device's 40 location to a second communications device 60 is disclosed herein. The mobile communications device 40 is registered to a home network 30 comprising a proxy server but roams to a foreign network 40 with a diffe ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai: Switched channel-band network. Nortel Networks, McGuinness & Manaras, June 19, 2007: US07233590 (6 worldwide citation)

Rather than restricting a stream of data to a single channel within a multi-channel link between a source node and a core node, each channel is divided into time slots and the stream of data is distributed among these time slots in several channels. However, to ease the management of switching the s ...

Patrick L Dumbauld, David M Garrison, Paul Guerra, Darion Peterson: Bipolar forceps having monopolar extension. Sherwood Services, June 19, 2007: US07232440 (310 worldwide citation)

An endoscopic forceps for treating tissue includes a housing having a shaft affixed thereto which has first and second jaw members attached to a distal end thereof. The forceps also includes an actuator for moving jaw members relative to one another from a first position wherein the jaw members are ...

Charles Eric Hunter, Bernard L Ballou Jr, John H Hebrank, James Fallon, Robert D Summer, Laurie McNeil: System and method for emergency notification content delivery. Ochoa Optics, Woodcock Washburn, June 19, 2007: US07233781 (255 worldwide citation)

A method for disseminating emergency notification content from an emergency originating source. The method comprising: delivering the emergency notification content from the emergency originating source to at least one transmitting party; selecting a subset of users from among a set of users for dis ...

Gregory C Smith, Thomas J Quinn, James J Leftwich: Multimedia user interface. Thomson Licensing, Joseph J Laks, Vincent E Duffy, Michael A Pugel, June 19, 2007: US07233316 (246 worldwide citation)

A user interface for multimedia centers advantageously utilizes hand-held inertial-sensing user input devices to select channels and quickly navigate the dense menus of options. Extensive use of the high resolution and bandwidth of such user input devices is combined with strategies to avoid uninten ...

Talal G Shamoon, Ralph D Hill, Chris D Radcliffe, John P Hwa, W Olin Sibert, David M Van Wie: Methods and apparatus for persistent control and protection of content. Intertrust Technologies, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, June 19, 2007: US07233948 (242 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for protection of streamed media content are disclosed. In one aspect, the system includes control means for governing content streams or objects, decryption means for decrypting content streams or objects, and feedback means for tracking use of content streams or objects. The co ...

Michael V Ryden: Location based communications system. Allen H Erickson, June 19, 2007: US07233795 (239 worldwide citation)

A location based communications system uses a physical location system (PLS) or relative position system to determine a communication unit's location in two or three dimensions, and is configured for radiotelephonic calls through intermediary communications satellite systems, cellular systems or oth ...

Ihor A Lys: LED-based lighting network power control methods and apparatus. Color Kinetics Incorporated, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, June 19, 2007: US07233115 (218 worldwide citation)

Multiple lighting apparatus coupled together to form a lighting network, in which operating power is efficiently provided throughout the network based on a distributed DC voltage or a distributed AC voltage. Based on various power driver configurations, each lighting apparatus incorporates one or mo ...

En Hsing Chen, Andrew J Walker, Roy E Scheuerlein, Sucheta Nallamothu, Alper Ilkbahar, Luca G Fasoli: NAND memory array incorporating capacitance boosting of channel regions in unselected memory cells and method for operation of same. SanDisk 3D, Zagorin O Brien Graham, June 19, 2007: US07233522 (216 worldwide citation)

An exemplary NAND string memory array provides for capacitive boosting of a half-selected memory cell channel to reduce program disturb effects of the half selected cell. To reduce the effect of leakage current degradation of the boosted level, multiple programming pulses of a shorter duration are e ...

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