Lee Funk
Jingrong Jean Cui, Dilip Bhumralkar, Iriny Botrous, Ji Yu Chu, Lee A Funk, Cathleen Elizabeth Hanau, G Davis Harris, Lei Jia, Joanne Johnson, Stephen A Kolodziej, Pei Pei Kung, Xiaoyuan, Jason, Jerry Jialun Meng, Mitchell David Nambu, Christopher G Nelson, Mason Alan Pairish, Hong Shen, Michelle Tran Dube, Allison Walter, Fang Jie Zhang, Jennifer Zhang: Aminoheteroaryl compounds as protein kinase inhibitors. Sugen, Foley & Lardner, June 12, 2007: US07230098 (22 worldwide citation)

Aminopyridine and aminopyrazine compounds of formula (1), compositions including these compounds, and methods of their use are provided. Preferred compounds of formula 1 have activity as protein kinase inhibitors, including as inhibitors of c-MET

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai: Self-configuring distributed switch. Mcguinness Manaras, June 12, 2007: US07230952 (11 worldwide citation)

A method of interleaving time-critical data packets and delay-tolerant data packets on a shared channel emanating from a control port of a switching node permits a strict time requirement for transmission of time-critical data packets to be met. A control circuit of the switching node stores a local ...

Robert Deng
Bao Feng, Robert Deng Huijie, Feng Peirong: Private retrieval of digital objects. Agency for Science Technology and Research, Morrison & Foerster, June 12, 2007: US07231047

A database (104) maintains one or more groups (106) of digital objects (202). A user (102) wishes to retrieve one or more digital objects (202) from the database (104), without the database (104) being able to determine which particular digital objects (202) have been retrieved. In addition, the dat ...

Daniel John DiLorenzo: Closed-loop feedback-driven neuromodulation. BioNeuronics Corporation, Shay Law Group, June 12, 2007: US07231254 (303 worldwide citation)

A neurological control system for modulating activity of any component or structure comprising the entirety or portion of the nervous system, or any structure interfaced thereto, generally referred to herein as a “nervous system component.” The neurological control system generates neural modulation ...

Robert C Pack, Louis K Scheffer: Method and system for context-specific mask inspection. Cadence Design Systems, Bingham McCutchen, June 12, 2007: US07231628 (262 worldwide citation)

A method for inspecting lithography masks includes generating integrated circuit design data and using context information from the integrated circuit design data to inspect a mask.

Curtis R Richardson, Douglas Kempel: Protective membrane for touch screen device. Otter Products, William W Cochran, Cochran Freund & Young, June 12, 2007: US07230823 (257 worldwide citation)

A protective membrane is disclosed for an electronic device that has a touch screen. The touch screen is protected with a membrane adapted to the specific contour and profile of the electronic device and allows the user to use the touch screen interface with no shortcomings. The protective case is f ...

Guillermo J Tearney, Brett E Bouma: Optical methods for tissue analysis. The General Hospital Corporation, Dorsey & Whitney, June 12, 2007: US07231243 (226 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to methods and systems to optically analyze samples such as tissue based on speckle patterns of microscopic motion, such as Brownian motion.

Hai Trieu, Jon Serbousek: Flexible systems for spinal stabilization and fixation. Warsaw Orthopedic, Krieg DeVault, June 12, 2007: US07229441 (203 worldwide citation)

Systems for spinal stabilization and fixation replace, reconstruct or augment the spinal ligamentous and/or bony tissues resected during surgical procedures. The spinal stabilization system includes at least an implant configured to span the intervertebral disc space with at least one of its ends at ...

Nicholas K Treadgold, Babak Hodjat: Synonyms mechanism for natural language systems. iAnywhere Solutions, Haynes Beffel & Wolfeld, June 12, 2007: US07231343 (202 worldwide citation)

Roughly described, a natural language interface to a back-end application incorporates synonyms automatically added to user input to enhance the natural language interpretation. Synonyms can be learned from user input and written into a synonyms database. Their selection can be based on tokens ident ...

Dirk Boecker, Don Alden, Dominique M Freeman: Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue. Pelikan Technologies, Paul Davis, Heller Ehrman, June 12, 2007: US07229458 (184 worldwide citation)

A tissue penetrating system includes a plurality of cartridges each with a distal port and a proximal port. A plurality of penetrating members are provided, each coupled to a cartridge and having a sharpened distal tip and a shaft portion slidably disposed within the cartridge. A seal is formed by a ...