Moine Gerard: Electrical energy generating installation controlling device for e.g. arid zone, has transmitter periodically sending alternating current signal, captured by receiver controlling interrupter, for inducing opening or closing of interrupter. Transenergie, June 8, 2007: FR2894401-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

The device has a transmitter (7) electrically supplied by a power circuit (1), where the circuit supplies a storage battery and a receiver (5). The circuit integrates an electronic interrupter (4) e.g. field effect transistor, neutralizing electric power available in outlet of power terminals of pho ...

Rossignol Jean Philippe: Working platform fits on to roof of container used e.g. as site office in building industry and comprises square base frame with vertical tubular feet which fit into mountings on corners of container. Air Vibration Services Sarl, June 8, 2007: FR2894232-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The working platform fits on to the roof of a container used e.g. as a site office in the building industry. It comprises a square base frame (1) with vertical tubular feet (13). These fit into mountings (L) on the corners of the container. The frame is fitted with a floor (14) and guard rails (2).

Kim Sook Young, Kim Jeong Won, Hwang Chang Ik, Kim Sang Pil: Environment-friendly interior sheet for doubly cutting off pollutants by a pet under sheet and a protection layer. Toray Saehan, June 8, 2007: KR1020060057266 (6 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: An environment-friendly interior sheet is provided to basically cut off harmful gas generated from products and to form a transparent protection layer with good formability and embossing efficiency by blending PET(Polyethylene Terephthalate) and PETG(Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) or PE ...

Jin Hyoung Joon, Myung Seung Jun, Kang Min Sung: Process of fabricating nylon 610 and multi-walled carbon nano-tube composite by preparing the composite through copolymerization of monomers of two different molecular weight liquid phases. Inha Industry Partnership Institute, June 8, 2007: KR1020060025203 (6 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A process of fabricating a composite of nylon 610 and multi-walled carbon nano-tubes(MWCNT) is provided, by which MWCNT is dispersed uniformly and stably using nonionic surfactant. CONSTITUTION: The process includes the steps of: removing impurities of MWCNT and purifying MWCNT; preparing a ...

Caumont Olivier, Huibant Rene, Minart Jean Francois: Systeme de stockage denergie electrique. Batscap, June 8, 2007: FR2894381-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne un système de stockage d'énergie électrique (100) comprenant au moins un élément bobiné de stockage d'énergie électrique placé à l'intérieur d'une enveloppe (200), ladite enveloppe (200) renfermant l'élément bobiné de stockage d'énergie électrique dans un corps principal (210) d ...

Pommier Nicolas, Arnoult Cyrille: Shock-absorbing hydraulic cylinder is divided into narrow chamber and wide chamber by peripheral shoulder, piston of smaller diameter than narrow chamber being mounted in slide which fits closely in wider chamber. Pommier S C E B P, June 8, 2007: FR2894303-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The shock-absorbing hydraulic cylinder is divided into a narrow chamber (3) and a wide chamber (4) by a peripheral shoulder (7). A piston (2c) of smaller diameter than the narrow chamber is mounted in a slide (5) which fits closely in the wider chamber and can slide through it towards the end of the ...

Lee Kyung Il, Jeong Yeong Joon: System and a method for automatically extracting/storing ontology instances required for inferring domain ontology from unstructured web documents and databases. Kt Corporation, Saltlux, June 8, 2007: KR1020060048373 (5 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A system and a method for automatically extracting ontology instances from unstructured web documents are provided to generate ontology-based instance information required for an inference system using ontology in a ubiquitous environment, and generate lots of information by utilizing vario ...

Marty Nicolas, Francois Gilles, Bitar Elias: Procede de determination du profil horizontal dun plan de vol respectant un profil de vol vertical impose. Thales, June 8, 2007: FR2894367-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

La présente invention concerne la définition, dans un plan de vol, du profil horizontal d'une route aérienne à profil vertical de vol et de vitesse imposé au départ et/ou à l'arrivée, au moyen d'un enchaînement de points de passage et/ou tournants associés à des contraintes locales de vol et dénommé ...

Bigwood Thomas: Windscreen wiping device arrangement for motor vehicle, has element of wiping device including windscreen wipers moved by driving system comprising motor, and carried by part of projector localized in proximity to windscreen. Renault Sas, June 8, 2007: FR2894221-A3 (4 worldwide citation)

The arrangement has an element e.g. motor and windscreen wiper connecting rod, of a wiping device including windscreen wipers (26) moved by a driving system (28) comprising a motor (30), and carried by a part of a projector (16) localized in proximity to a windscreen. A windscreen cleaning device in ...

Chen Kuo Rong, Lee Chun Chung, Huang Cheng Hung: Systeme de reservation de parcs de stationnement avec identification electronique. Sin Etke Technology, June 8, 2007: FR2894364-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

Un système de réservation dans parc de stationnement dans lequel chaque véhicule (11, 12, 13, 14, 15) envoie vers un serveur distant, par un module GPRS, une demande de réservation de stationnement transportant les informations du code d'identification et la position en cours Lc du véhicule et des c ...