Eb Eshun
Coolbaugh Douglas D, Eshun Ebenezer E, Feilchenfeld Natalie, Gautsch Michael L, He Zhong Xiang, Moon Matthew D, Ramachandran Vidhya, Waterhouse Barbara: Formation of metal-insulator metal capacitor simultaneously with aluminum metal wiring level using a hardmask. Ibm, June 6, 2007: EP1792343-A2

Disclosed is a method of fabricating a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor. In this method, a dielectric layer is formed above a lower conductor layer and an upper conductor layer is formed above the dielectric layer. The invention then forms an etch stop layer above the upper conductor layer and ...

Repetto P C R F, Bollea Denis C R F, Bernard S C R F, Liotti Luca C R F, Carvignese C C R F, Finizio R C R F: Transparent display based on photoluminescent material. Fiat Ricerche, June 6, 2007: EP1793261-A1 (182 worldwide citation)

Described herein is a device for the display of optical information on a transparent medium, particularly for motor vehicles, to be used for the transmission of optical information (60) visible by a user. The device comprises: a transparent panel (1), through which a background is visible; a layer o ...

Okubo Youichi, Kawase Shinichi, Tsujita Yasuhisa: Vehicle appliance control system. Taiheiyo Kogyo, June 6, 2007: EP1793508-A1 (134 worldwide citation)

A vehicle appliance control system includes a main communication device (11) having a main modulator (14) superimposing, on electromagnetic waves, information including an operation command for operating an electrically-driven appliance (30, 31) and outputting the electromagnetic waves as surface wa ...

Seki Syunichi, Kiguchi Hiroshi, Yudasaka Ichio, Miyajima Hiroo: Method for manufacturing a flat panel display. Seiko Epson, June 6, 2007: EP1793650-A2 (57 worldwide citation)

A method for manufacturing a flat panel display device includes a step of selectively forming, on a bank formation surface having an inorganic material portion, banks containing at least an organic material, and filling areas enclosed by the banks with a liquid thin film material for display to form ...

Boudreau Bruce E, Grocela Rocha, Jeram Edward Matthew, Liermann August O, Rocha Gerardo Galicia, Williams David A: Continuous preparation of a liquid silicone rubber composition. Gen Electric, June 6, 2007: EP1792944-A1 (48 worldwide citation)

A continuous process provides a devolatilized liquid injection moldable silicone composition. In the process, a filler, treating agent (16) and silicone polymer are introduced into an extruder (22) having a length to diameter ratio of at least greater than 50. The filler, treating agent (16) and sil ...

Sasaki Toyonori, Kanbe Tomohiro: Ink cartridge and ink-jet printer. Brother, June 6, 2007: EP1792736-A1 (44 worldwide citation)

An ink cartridge (1, 1A, 103) comprises an ink tank (11, 131), which stores an ink and which has downwardly inclined inner surfaces (134b, 167) extending in a direction inclined downwardly with respect to an ink surface, a displacement member (80), which displaces in the ink tank (11, 131) in accord ...

Hatanaka Katsuhito: Pretreating agent in hair dyeing. Kikuboshi, Sansho Cosme, June 6, 2007: EP1792602-A1 (32 worldwide citation)

To provide a pretreatment agent for use in hair dyeing which is not thick and easy to be applied to scalp and little inhibits hair dyeing. A pretreatment agent for use in hair dyeing comprises polysiloxane, petrolatum and liquid paraffin as essential ingredients.

Ternite Ruediger, Mund Klaus Dieter, Meyer Ruhstrat Hartwig, Lantz Ingo: Single portion cartridge. Tchibo, June 6, 2007: EP1792850-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

The capsule has a filter device (6) arranged between a beverage substance (9) e.g. coffee, and a capsule base (3). The filter device is held at a distance to the base in a central area of the base using a ring-shaped structure (16), where an outer area (20) and an inner area (21) are defined through ...

Meade John C, Griffiths Jerry R, Difrancesco Francis J: Apparatus and method for minimally invasive suturing. Suturtek, June 6, 2007: EP1791476-A2 (29 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for minimally invasive suturing is disclosed. A suturing device (50) for minimally invasive suturing includes an elongated barrel (54) having a proximal end, a distal end, and a longitudinal axis therebetween; a suture head assembly (56) extending from the distal end of the e ...

Chiba Takuya, Kosakai Ryota, Matsui Akira: Image processing device and method, imaging device, and computer program. Sony, June 6, 2007: EP1793620-A1 (26 worldwide citation)

To apply, with higher accuracy, color filter arrangement interpolation to RGB images subjected to color coding to make it possible to obtain higher luminance resolution. A first correlation value is calculated for pixels around a pixel to be interpolated from outputs of a pair of band-pass filters a ...