Eric First, M.D.
Eric R First: Methods and compositions for treating eye disorders. Allergan, Claude L Hassif, Stephen Donovan, Martin A Voet, May 22, 2007: US07220422 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides methods of treating an eye disorder. The methods comprise a step of locally administering a Clostridial toxin to the eye of a patient to treat the disorder. The eye disorder may be associated with an inflammation of the eye, including for example, bacterial conjunctivi ...

Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne Scott: Apparatus and method for forming inflated chambers. Sealed Air Corporation, Thomas C Lagaly, May 22, 2007: US07220476 (15 worldwide citation)

An inflatable web, and method and apparatus for inflating the web, which generally includes two sheets having inner surfaces sealed to each other in a pattern defining a series of inflatable chambers of predetermined length, each of the chambers having at least one change in width over their length; ...

Anagha Raipurkar, Alma Navarro de Jesus, Donald Ralph Hart: Method for reducing database recovery time. Unisys Corporation, Alfred W Kozak, Charles A Johnson, Richard J Gregson, May 22, 2007: US07222133 (432 worldwide citation)

A method is provided to automatically select the correct order of backups from selected DUMP files in order to recover and rebuild a complete database in reduced time without requiring the user to search, find and select the correct order of items for the backup.

Daniel H Abelow: Methods and systems for gathering information from units of a commodity across a network. Ferrara Ethereal, Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox P L L C, May 22, 2007: US07222078 (407 worldwide citation)

In an exemplary system, information is received at a central location from different units of a commodity. The information is generated from two-way local interactions between users of the different units of the commodity and a user interface in the different units of the commodity. The interactions ...

Kevin S Weadock: Composite staple and method for using same. Ethicon, Nutter McClennen & Fish, May 22, 2007: US07220272 (344 worldwide citation)

An anastomosis staple comprising of a plurality of vessel engaging members and a binding structure holding the vessel engaging members together is described. The binding structure has at least one bioabsorbable element. The binding structure is rigid enough to allow for deployment and quickly resorb ...

Alistair I Fleming, Huw L Jones: Electrosurgical system. Gyrus Medical, Oliff & Berridge, May 22, 2007: US07220260 (325 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical system comprises a generator and an instrument including a first electrode, a second electrode, and an insulating spacer separating the first and second electrodes. The generator repeatedly measures a characteristic of the radio frequency output such as the impedance between the f ...

Mohamed K Diab, Walter M Weber, Ammar Al Ali: Method and apparatus for demodulating signals in a pulse oximetry system. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, May 22, 2007: US07221971 (302 worldwide citation)

A method and an apparatus measure blood oxygenation in a subject. A first signal source applies a first input signal during a first time interval. A second signal source applies a second input signal during a second time interval. A detector detects a first parametric signal responsive to the first ...

Csaba Truckai, John H Shadduck: Surgical sealing surfaces and methods of use. SurgRx, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, May 22, 2007: US07220951 (236 worldwide citation)

Various embodiments provide compositions that exhibit positive temperature coefficient of resistance (PTCR) properties for use in thermal interactions with tissue—including thermal sensing and I2R current-limiting interactions. Embodiments also provide tissue-engaging surfaces having PTCR materials ...

Taixu Bai, Harold J Vinegar, Kirk Samuel Hansen: Inhibiting wellbore deformation during in situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation. Shell Oil Company, May 22, 2007: US07219734 (201 worldwide citation)

A method for treating a hydrocarbon containing formation is described. The method may include providing heat from one or more heaters to at least a portion of the formation. At least one heater may be located in at least one wellbore in the formation. At least one wellbore may be sized, at least in ...

Hsiang Lan Lung: Self-aligned small contact phase-change memory method and device. Macronix International, Ernest J Beffel Jr, Haynes Beffel & Wolfeld, May 22, 2007: US07220983 (200 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a novel memory cell structure and process to fabricate chalcogenide phase change memory. More particularly, it produces a small cross-sectional area of a chalcogenide-electrode contact part of the phase change memory, which affects the current/power requirement of the chalco ...

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