Guy Nathan, Dominique Dion: System for remote loading of objects or files in order to update software. TouchTunes Music Corporation, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, April 24, 2007: US07210141 (105 worldwide citation)

A system for remote loading of objects or files in order to update software includes operating system architecture that calls for different tasks to be broken down into software modules that are connected to one another by dynamic links or are composed of executable subroutines that have main depend ...

William L Tonar, Jeffrey A Forgette, John S Anderson, Jon H Bechtel, John W Carter, Joseph S Stam, David J Cammenga: Electrochromic rearview mirror incorporating a third surface reflector with at least one graphical indicia. Gentex Corporation, James E Shultz Jr, April 24, 2007: US07209277 (104 worldwide citation)

The inventive electrochromic mirror may be used in a vehicle rearview mirror assembly having a light source positioned behind the electrochromic mirror for selectively projecting light through the mirror. The electrochromic mirror includes front and rear spaced elements each having front and rear su ...

George J Bennett: Disk drive pulse width modulating a voice coil motor using model reference current feedback. Western Digital Technologies, Howard H Sheerin Esq, April 24, 2007: US07209321 (104 worldwide citation)

A disk drive is disclosed comprising a voice coil motor (VCM) driven in a PWM mode using model reference current feedback. The PWM circuitry and VCM form a plant transfer function which varies with changes to the plant characteristics, such as the resistance of the voice coil fluctuating with temper ...

Michael R Nicolette, Ricky A Solesbee, Leslie J Bryant, John A Solheim, Bradley D Schweigert: Golf club head weight adjustment member. Karsten Manufacturing Corporation, Darrell F Marquette, April 24, 2007: US07207900 (102 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to certain weight adjustment members that can be used in connection with iron-type golf clubs. The weight adjustment members of the present invention comprise a relatively uniform and/or symmetrically configured width. In addition, the members comprise a substantially l ...

Juhan Kim: Planar capacitor memory cell and its applications. April 24, 2007: US07209384 (101 worldwide citation)

A capacitor memory is realized, wherein a capacitor stores data and a diode controls to store data “1” or “0”. Diode has four terminals wherein first terminal serves as word line, second terminal serves as storage node, third terminal is floating, and fourth terminal serves as bit line, wherein back ...

Joseph M Jeddeloh: System and method for on-board diagnostics of memory modules. Micron Technology, Dorsey & Whitney, April 24, 2007: US07210059 (100 worldwide citation)

A memory hub includes an on-board diagnostic engine through which diagnostic testing and evaluation of the memory system can be performed. The memory hub includes a link interface for receiving memory requests for access to memory devices of the memory system and a memory device interface coupled to ...

Neil John Hursey, William Alexander McEwan: Updating malware definition data for mobile data processing devices. McAfee, Zilka Kotab PC, Christopher J Hamaty, April 24, 2007: US07210168 (100 worldwide citation)

The malware definition data of mobile data processing devices is updated via a data channel associated with a wireless telephony link to that mobile data processing device. The data channel may be the same channel wed for SMS messaging and the transfer of control information. The mobile data process ...

Bruce L Davis, Geoffrey B Rhoads, William Y Conwell: Authenticating metadata and embedding metadata in watermarks of media signals. Digimarc Corporation, April 24, 2007: US07209571 (100 worldwide citation)

A steganographic embedder associates data with a media signal by encoding the data, a link to the data, or a combination of both into the media signal. The embedder may be located in an media signal capture device or an external process or device.

Robert W Pike Jr, John L Sapp Jr, William G Stevenson, Robert A Mest: Method for ablating with needle electrode. Biosense Webster, The Brigham & Women s Hospital, Christie Parker & Hale, April 24, 2007: US07207989 (98 worldwide citation)

A method for ablating tissue in or around the heart to create an enhanced lesion is provided. The distal end of a catheter including a needle electrode at its distal end is introduced into the heart. The distal end of the needle electrode is introduced into the tissue. An electrically-conductive flu ...

Yan Or, Johan Casier, Krishna Garimella, Umesh Bellur, John Koper, Shashank Joshi, Vinu Sundaresan: Deployment of applications in a multitier compute infrastructure. International Business Machines Corporation, David W Victor, Konrad Raynes & Victor, April 24, 2007: US07210143 (94 worldwide citation)

An application model automates deployment of an application. In one embodiment, the application model includes a static description of the application and a run-time description of the application. Deployment phases, such as installation, configuration and activation of the application are executed ...

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