Ozanne Matthieu: Method for preparing a beverage from a capsule. Nestec, April 18, 2007: EP1774878-A1 (67 worldwide citation)

A method preparing a beverage through a capsule (2) inserted in a beverage machine; the capsule comprising an enclosure (20) containing one or more beverage ingredients, wherein a brewing fluid is introduced in the enclosure to brew the said one or more beverage ingredients, wherein a brewed liquid ...

Adam Thomas Bruce Watson, Atkinson Ian Malcolm, Dixon Michael Joseph: Route planner. Applied Generics, April 18, 2007: GB2431261-A (65 worldwide citation)

The invention combines the geographical coverage possible with fixed, predefined route segment costs (e.g. the legal speed limit) with, wherever possible, richer time dependent costs. A user of, for example, a portable navigation device, can therefore continue route planning as before to virtually a ...

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Apparatus and methods for providing access to a body cavity without substantial loss of inflation gas therein. The apparatus includes an access assembly that has a tubular member having a proximal end, a distal end, an elastic portion interposed the proximal end and the distal end, and a lumen there ...

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A wagon train is designed or operated such that when it is completely filled with new bulk material, such as ballast, it can at a longitudinal end simultaneously deliver said bulk material and receive old bulk material by operation of conveyor means that belong to the train. In one aspect, the train ...

Chiu Li Kuo: Press-trigger fingerprint sensor module. Aimgene Technology, April 18, 2007: EP1775674-A1 (41 worldwide citation)

A press-trigger fingerprint sensor module is disclosed, comprising two embedded switches, a sensor panel and a fingerprint recognition processor. When the user puts the finger in predetermined position over the sensor panel, the first switch is activated. The first switch sends out a high signal to ...

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The invention is directed to a method of displaying multimedia data and providing multitasking features and a mobile communications terminal capable of implementing the same; and cradle for the mobile communications terminal. A mobile communications terminal includes a transceiver, a memory, a first ...

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A method for providing access to one or more notification-based Web services using a mobile device, the method comprising the steps of transmitting to Web service proxy a subscription request for a requested Web service, the Web service proxy supporting asynchronous communication with the mobile dev ...

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An optical image measuring device which can form a highly reliable image even if an object moves during scanning of a signal light is provided. An optical image, forming device 1 comprises: an interferometer that splits a low coherence light L0 into a signal light LS and a reference light LR and gen ...

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Process for producing epoxy resins wherein dichloropropanol containing at least 50% by weight of 1,3 - dichloropropane - 2 - ol relative to the total dichloropropanol is used as the starting material.

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A method (200, 300) for handling a plurality of digital video streams, each of the digital video streams being encoded in sequences of frames. Each of the sequences of frames comprising a key frame, at least one reference frame and further frames, said key frame and at least one reference frame suit ...