Ulrich Klostermann
Ulrich Klostermann, Peter Beer, Manfred Ruehrig: Adiabatic rotational switching memory element including a ferromagnetic decoupling layer. Infineon Technologies, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, April 17, 2007: US07205596

A magnetoresistive memory element includes a stacked structure with a ferromagnetic reference region including a fixed magnetization; a ferromagnetic free region including a free magnetization that is free to be switched between oppositely aligned directions with respect to an easy axis thereof; and ...

Marc Van Damme
Marc Van Damme, Huub Van Aert: Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor. Agfa Gevaert, Leydig Voit & Mayer, April 17, 2007: US07205084

A heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor is disclosed which comprises a hydrophilic support and an oleophilic coating thereon which comprises an infrared light-to-heat converter, an alkali-soluble binder and a polymeric developer accelerator. The polymeric developer accelerator is pref ...

Scott T Latterell, Douglas S Wahnschaffe, Scott R Sanders, Nigel Mark Goble, Colin Charles Owen Goble: Surgical instrument. Gyrus Medical, Nikolai & Mersereau P A, Thomas J Nikolai, April 17, 2007: US07204835 (291 worldwide citation)

A bipolar electrosurgical instrument comprises a handle (5), a body (1) joined to the handle, and a jaw assembly (12) joined to the body and arranged such that manipulation of the handle allows the opposed jaws of the jaw assembly to be opened and closed with respect to one another. A first of said ...

Michael James McLaughlin Jr: Asynchronous transcription object management system. Oracle International Corporation, April 17, 2007: US07206805 (289 worldwide citation)

Described herein is a system for executing distributed transactions. A coordinator and one or more participants cooperate to execute a distributed transaction, the distributed transaction including for each participant a transaction executed by the participant. To manage the transaction, the coordin ...

Steven T Kirsch: Method and system for categorizing and processing e-mails. Propel Software Corporation, Schneck & Schneck, Thomas Schneck, Nissa M Strottman, April 17, 2007: US07206814 (213 worldwide citation)

An e-mail filtering method and system that categorize received e-mail messages based on information about the sender. Data about the sender is contained in the message and is used to identify the actual sender of the message using a signature combining pieces of information from the message header o ...

Bernard deGroeve, Jan Petroons, Christopher C Hanan, A Graham Bailey, Shreyas D Gupta, Kevin Lawrence Mellyn, Matthew Saal, Morio Alexander, Craig Mondschein: Electronic multiparty accounts receivable and accounts payable system. JPMorgan Chase Bank N A, Hunton & Williams, April 17, 2007: US07206768 (212 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a multiparty accounts receivable and accounts payable system that allows business trading partners to use a single, shared system for both accounts receivable and accounts payable management. The system of the invention forms an electronic “bridge” between a plurality of busin ...

Matthew David Tarler: Electrode patch and wireless physiological measurement system and method. Cleveland Medical Devices, Brian M Kolkowski, April 17, 2007: US07206630 (185 worldwide citation)

A wireless electrode patch and system for measuring the physiological condition of a subject, more particularly to an electrode patch for ECG monitoring, and a method of sensing, analyzing and/or transmitting or relaying a physiological signal. The wireless electrode patch and system is lightweight, ...

Takayuki Akahoshi: Phacoemulsification needle. Ravi Nallakrishnan, Takayuki Akahoshi, Rothwell Figg Ernst & Manbeck, April 17, 2007: US07204820 (176 worldwide citation)

The phacoemulsification needle according to the invention comprises a shaft, a tip disposed at a distal end of said shaft, the tip having a larger outer diameter than said shaft and an aspiration lumen extending through said shaft and said tip. The tip has an opening communicating with said aspirati ...

Richard A Pineau: Method and system for remote utilizing a mobile device to share data objects. April 17, 2007: US07206806 (157 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are disclosed that provide users of mobile handheld digital devices the opportunity to share large data objects, such as images or digital audio files, with multiple users and the opportunity to upload a data object from a data object source and transmit the uploaded data object ...

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