Nakajima Shinichiro: Differential gear apparatus for vehicle. Jtekt, March 28, 2007: EP1767817-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

Pinion gears 4A and 4B are rotatably carried within pinion gear receiving openings 12A and 12B formed in a differential case 2. The inner surfaces (pinion gear holding surfaces) of the receiving openings 12A and 12B are enlarged inwardly to form extensions 12Aa and 12Ba to hold not only portions 4Ab ...

Peuziat Xavier, Clauzel Gilbert, Guyot Galina: Method and apparats for feature sharing between mobile devices. Hewlett Packard Development Co, March 28, 2007: EP1768323-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

According to one aspect of the present invention, there is provided a mobile telephone operable to use a feature of a second mobile telephone comprising a share module for obtaining details of one or more features on the second mobile telephone which are available for use by the mobile telephone a u ...

Bolms Hans Thomas Dr, Irmisch Stefan Dr, Muenzer Jan: Method to produce a coated gas turbine component having opening holes, apparatus to perform the method and coated turbine blade having cooling holes. Siemens, March 28, 2007: EP1767743-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The method involves visually predetermining surface configuration of a component (1) to detect position and the form of opening before coating in a three-dimensional manner. A tool is positioned opposite to the component based on the configuration such that the tool sets the corresponding opening op ...

Zhitomirskiy Victor Evgenievic: Mobile information processing system. Avantone Oy, March 28, 2007: GB2430524-A (11 worldwide citation)

A mobile user is provided with information relating to products and/or services. The user has a mobile telephone having a barcode reader for reading barcodes associated with products or services and transmitting the barcode tag value obtained to a remote server via the mobile telephone network where ...

Cummings William J, Gally Brian J: Method and device for manipulating color in a display. Idc, March 28, 2007: EP1767981-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

A method and device for manipulating color in a display is disclosed. In one embodiment, a display comprises interferometric display elements formed to have spectral responses that produce white light. In one embodiment, the produced white light is characterized by a standardized white point.

Fukuoka Shinsuke, Hachiya Hiroshi, Matsuzaki Kazuhiko: Process for producing aromatic carbonate on industrial scale. Asahi Chemical, March 28, 2007: EP1767518-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

It is an object of the present invention to provide a specific process that enables aromatic carbonates to be produced with high selectivity and high productivity stably for a prolonged period of time on an industrial scale of not less than 1 ton per hour from a dialkyl carbonate and an aromatic mon ...

Suenger Georg, Brake Carsten, Hoeffkes Horst: Initial phenylpropanediol dye products. Henkel Kgaa, March 28, 2007: EP1765267-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are agents for dyeing keratin fibers, especially human hair, containing at least one phenylpropanediol derivative of general formula (I), selected among phenylpropanediol derivatives of general formulas (Ia) to (Id) as indicated in the description, in a cosmetically acceptable carrier as a ...

Rawlings Diane C, Keough Bruce K: Wide area lightning diverter overlay. Boeing, March 28, 2007: EP1767344-A2 (10 worldwide citation)

An overlay of patterned metal foil above a substrate to be protected supports development of localized coronas after a lightning strike. The localized coronas transport energy of a lightning strike above the substrate's surface with limited removal of metal foil from the lightning strike attachment ...

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A system, method, and computer readable medium, wherein a vending machine comprising an audio code collector and a code validator is adapted to receive audio tones from a mobile device, and wherein the audio tones include authentication codes and dispense codes to control dispensing of product from ...

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This contact device comprises a pair of fixed terminals 2 with a fixed contact 2a each, a movable armature 3 with movable contacts 3a which contact to or separate from the fixed contacts 2a, a movable shaft 4 connected to the movable armature 3 at its one end, a movable core 8 secured to the opposit ...