Solomon Beka, Rebe Sabina: Method of passive immunization against disease or disorder characterized by amyloid aggregation with diminished risk of neuroinflammation. Univ Ramot, March 28, 2007: EP1766396-A2 (13 worldwide citation)

Unglycosylated anti-amyloid antibodies maintained all the antigen recognition functions of the native glycosylated anti-amyloid antibodies but without, or with a much reduced, property of triggering Fc receptor-mediated inflammation response in the brain. Such unglycosylated antibodies can be used i ...

Morishita Hiroshi, Manabe Akio: Pyridazine compound and use thereof. Sumitomo Chemical Co, March 28, 2007: EP1767529-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

A pyridazine compound represented by formula (1): has an excellent plant disease controlling effect.

Llorente Gonzalez Jose Ignacio, Birk Jens, Andresen Bjoern: Method for operation of a converter system. Gamesa Innovation & Technology, March 28, 2007: EP1768223-A2 (12 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method for operating a converter system of a wind turbine, wherein the converter system includes converter modules capable of converting electric power produced by a generator to electric power applicable to a utility grid. The converter modules include generator i ...

Edwards John: Appending encrypted local/private data to service request messages sent to external third party application servers. Scansafe, March 28, 2007: GB2430591-A (12 worldwide citation)

Companies can save money by outsourcing processing to external third party application service providers (ASP). Where processes are performed internally on the companies network they have access to local information like internal IP addresses, directory group membership, user name and so on. This ma ...

Mizutani Kazuyoshi, Kanda Hiromi, Inabe Haruki: Positive resist composition for immersion exposure and pattern forming method using the same. Fujifilm, March 28, 2007: EP1767992-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

A positive resist composition, comprising: (A) a compound capable of generating an acid upon irradiation with actinic rays or radiation; (B) a resin having a repeating unit containing at least one alicyclic structure, of which solubility in an alkali developer increases under an action of an acid; a ...

Jarisch Christian, Denisart Jean Luc, Ryser Antoine, Kern Patrick: Extraction module for a capsule-based beverage production device. Nestec, March 28, 2007: EP1767129-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

A device for producing a beverage from a capsule (24), comprises - a motor-driven extraction module which comprises a first jaw member and a cooperating second jaw member, wherein in an opened state of the extraction module the jaw members are distanced from each other while in the closed state the ...

Clerget Antoine, Cipiere Patrick: Method and device for processing a dvb-h (digital video broadcasting - handheld) compliant transport stream. Udcast, March 28, 2007: EP1768285-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

According to a first aspect, the invention proposes a method for processing a transport stream (TS) received as an input transport stream in a processing device (SDR), the transport stream comprising a plurality of elementary streams (ES), each elementary stream (ES) being a set of transport stream ...

Chen Chien Yuan: Memory card with an integral dual interface. Power Digital Card, Chen Chien Yuan, March 28, 2007: GB2430508-A (12 worldwide citation)

A dual interface memory card comprises a memory unit, a main interface 13, a connection interface 14, located on the casing 11, and a control chip having a dual interface transmission function located inside the casing, with the control chip being connected to the memory unit, the main interface uni ...

Rollat Isabelle, Benabdillah Katarina, Lerda Patrice: Cosmetic composition comprising an organic silicium compound and process for shaping hair. Oreal, March 28, 2007: EP1767187-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

Cosmetic composition comprises an organic compound of silicon, a cosmetic agent like polymers of molecular weight of 500 molecular weight, surfactants or non-siliconized fatty substances, in a medium. Cosmetic composition comprises an organic compound of silicon of formula (R1O)x(R2)ySi-(A)p-[NR3-(A ...

Bolms Hans Thomas Dr, Irmisch Stefan Dr, Muenzer Jan: Method to produce a coated gas turbine component having opening holes, apparatus to perform the method and coated turbine blade having cooling holes. Siemens, March 28, 2007: EP1767743-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The method involves visually predetermining surface configuration of a component (1) to detect position and the form of opening before coating in a three-dimensional manner. A tool is positioned opposite to the component based on the configuration such that the tool sets the corresponding opening op ...

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