Charles Sperry
Piucci Vincent A, Sperry Charles R, Schamel Michael J: Machine for severing a web. Sealed Air, March 28, 2007: EP1767481-A2

A machine (10) for severing a web (12), comprising a movable surface (16) positioned such that the web (12) may exert gravitational force against the movable surface (16), the movable surface (16) providing frictional force against the web (12) such that movement of the surface (16) causes movement ...

Odom Darren, Hammill Curt, Schechter David A, Tetzlaff Philip, Roy Jeffrey M: Bipolar forceps with multiple electrode array end effector assembly. Sherwood Serv, March 28, 2007: EP1767163-A1 (387 worldwide citation)

A bipolar electrosurgical forceps includes first and second opposing jaw members having respective inwardly facing surfaces associated therewith. The first and second jaw members are adapted for relative movement between an open position to receive tissue and a closed position engaging tissue betwee ...

Shelton Fredrick E: Surgical stapling instrument having end effector gripping surfaces. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 28, 2007: EP1767157-A1 (219 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument (10) for being endoscopically or laparoscopically inserted through a cannula of a trocar into an insufflated body cavity or lumen ("surgical site") for simultaneous stapling and severing of tissue including gripping surfaces on inner surfaces of an upper and lower jaw that enha ...

Park Chang Sul, Stone Jay L: Device and method for managing electronic program guide data in digital broadcasting reception terminal. Samsung Electronics, March 28, 2007: EP1768396-A2 (93 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a device for managing electronic program guide (EPG) data in a digital broadcasting reception terminal, which includes an EPG parsing unit for separating EPG data from a received digital broadcast signal; an EPG user interface unit for composing a broadcast guide picture for offering di ...

Khalkhali Alireza Mousavi, Colthurst Thomas Andrew, Harcourt Christopher Michael, Cooper Andrew Peter: Multiple protocol platform for mobile applications. Khalkhali Alireza Mousavi, Colthurst Thomas Andrew, Harcourt Christopher Michael, Cooper Andrew Peter, March 28, 2007: GB2430588-A (59 worldwide citation)

In a Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) device 10 providing a Java (RTM) based application platform for phones 30, PDA's 50 and set top boxes 40 which is compatible with various other devices and protocols, the prohibition on redirecting data to another hub is lifted by establishing additional ...

Jiang Sam Shiaw Shiang: Method and apparatus for improving transmission delay of status report in a wireless communications system. Innovative Sonic, March 28, 2007: EP1768297-A2 (49 worldwide citation)

A method for improving transmission delay of a status report in a wireless communications system operating in an Acknowledged Mode includes triggering a status report transfer procedure and transmitting a status report packet a predetermined number of times that is more than one. A related wireless ...

Wolfs Peter: A device for distributed maximum power tracking for solar arrays. Central Queensland University, March 28, 2007: EP1766490-A1 (43 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a system for providing power from solar cells whereby each cell or cell array is allowed to produce its maximum available power and converted by an operatively connected DC/DC converter. Each cell or cell array has its own DC/DC converter. In one form the system for providin ...

Kaneda Yuji, Matsugu Masakazu, Mori Katsuhiko: Information processing apparatus and control method therefor. Canon, March 28, 2007: EP1768058-A2 (39 worldwide citation)

An information processing apparatus includes an image input unit (100) which inputs image data containing a face, a face position detection unit (101) which detects, from the image data, the position of a specific part of the face, and a facial expression recognition unit (102) which detects a featu ...

Field Steven E: Post decompression marker introducer system. Inrad, March 28, 2007: EP1767167-A2 (39 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for implanting a locatable marker at a target site within a tissue mass comprises an insertion device (70) and a marker introducer system (10) that is received within the insertion device. The marker introducer system is anchored in a compressed tissue mass and a locatable marker (50) i ...

Patel Himanshu, Doud Darren G, Simpson John B: Catheter for removing atheromatous or thrombotic occlusive material. Fox Hollow Technologies, March 28, 2007: EP1767159-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

Atheromatous or thrombotic occlusive material removed from an intravascular location of a body lumen and contained, preferably packed, in a collection chamber. In some embodiments, the material is severed from the body lumen. The container may contain multiple specimens.