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A system and method for surface tissue ablation on the patient's outer skin, such as the epidermis or the underlying dermis. An electrosurgical probe (130) comprises a shaft (132) having an array of active electrodes (136) on its distal tip and a connector (134) at its proximal end for coupling the ...

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The present invention authenticates a user for multiple resources distributed across multiple domains through the performance of a single authentication. User access requests for a protected resource in a first domain are received and redirected to a second domain. User authentication is performed a ...

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The present invention is directed to a reversible electrodeposition device comprising: a first substrate having an electrically conductive material associated therewith; a second substrate having an electrically conductive material associated therewith; a nucleation layer at least partially covering ...

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A selectable, multi-purpose card is provided. The card comprises a plurality of features stored in a memory storage device operatively mounted on the card. The plurality of card features allows the card to function as multiple cards, and a selection device mounted on the card enables a user to selec ...

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A document classification system and method reflects operator's intention in a result of classification of document so that an accurate result of classification can be achieved. The document to be classifies has contents contains a plurality of items. At least one of the items contained in the docum ...

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A method and system for improving fetch operations between a micro-controller and a remote memory via a buffer manager in a disk drive control system comprising a micro-controller, a micro-controller cache system having a cache memory and a cache-control subsystem, and a buffer manager communicating ...

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A method for addressing a bistable electro-optic display having at least one pixel comprises applying an addressing pulse to drive the pixel to a first optical state; leaving the pixel undriven for a period of time, thereby permitting the pixel to assume a second optical state different from the fir ...

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A baroreflex stimulator is described that treats disordered breathing in a patient. The stimulator includes a pulse generator to provide a baroreflex stimulation signal through an electrode, and a modulator to modulate the baroreflex stimulation signal based on a circadian rhythm template.

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The present invention relates to a microfluidic system for processing a cell-containing liquid. The system includes a lysing zone to receive the cell-containing sample and a positioning element to position the cell-containing sample in a lysing position in the vicinity of a lysing mechanism. The lys ...

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Shifts in the apparent charge stored on a floating gate of a non-volatile memory cell can occur because of coupling of an electric field based on the charge stored in adjacent floating gates. The shift in apparent charge can lead to erroneous readings by raising the apparent threshold voltage, and c ...