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A circuit board for wireless communications includes communication circuitry for modulating and/or demodulating a radio frequency (RF) signal and an antenna apparatus for transmitting and receiving the RF signal, the antenna apparatus having selectable antenna elements located near one or more perip ...

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A powerline based communication system includes a powerline termination module, a plurality of powerline gateways, and a plurality of powerline nodes. The powerline termination module manages data for local area networks within the powerline based communication system. The plurality of powerline gat ...

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A service configured to be accessible by two or more parties to a two-sided funds transfer transaction through a computer network (e.g., the Internet) provides functionality for sending a payment request to a target payer or payee who is not yet registered with the service. Depending upon who is ini ...

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A method and system for operating a video game or video game tournament (e.g., via a Web site) is disclosed. In accordance with the method and system a bonus is provided to a player playing the video game or participating in the video game tournament. In some embodiments a bonus is provided to the p ...

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One embodiment of the invention provides a system that facilitates identifying line-end features in a layout for an integrated circuit. The system operates by first receiving the layout for the integrated circuit. Next, the system selects a polygon from the layout and marks a line-end seed on the po ...

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A cell phone system that controls the functionality of cell phones based upon their geographical locations. Functionality information stored in data bases located at and unique to each location. A local or low power transmitter at each location transmits functionality information from the data bases ...

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Systems and methods for selectably controlling and customizing source access to a network, where the source is associated with a source computer, and wherein the source computer has transparent access to the network via a gateway device and no configuration software need be installed on the source c ...

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A read/write head for use in a perpendicular magnetic recording head in a data storage system. The read/write head includes a write section that is comprised of a first pole layer, a second pole layer, a third pole layer, and a shield layer. The third pole layer defines a write pole tip, and the thi ...

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A vapor deposition source including a crucible configured to hold a quantity of molten constituent material and at least one nozzle to pass vapor evaporated from the molten constituent material out of the crucible.

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A method for organizing records of a database by topical relevance generates statistics on relevance by monitoring search terms used and search paths traversed by a database user community. Records reviewed most often in relation to a given search term are assumed to be most relevant to that search ...