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An assembly for releasably attaching a buttress material onto a tissue clamping member of a surgical stapling device is disclosed. The assembly has a substantially rigid frame for connecting to a top surface of a tissue clamping member of a surgical stapling device when the assembly is disposed ther ...

Shelton Iv Frederick E: Staple cartridges for forming staples having differing formed staple heights. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 7, 2007: EP1759812-A1 (413 worldwide citation)

A staple cartridge (300) for use with a stapling device (10) that has an actuator (12) that is selectively actuatable in an axial direction and an anvil portion (18) that is selectively movable between open and closed positions is disclosed. Various embodiments of the present invention include a car ...

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Instrument introducers and methods of using the same are provided to facilitate the introduction of a surgical instrument into a cavity or a body opening of a patient. The instrument introducers include a body portion defining a lumen therethrough, a flexible distal end portion having a distal orifi ...

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A light emitting diode (LED) includes an LED element (14), a fluorescent material provided so as to cover the LED element, a substrate (11) on which the LED element is mounted and made of ceramics or silicon, and a pair of electrode pads (12,13,31,32,41,42) which are provided on the substrate and el ...

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Provided are a crosslinked object of a polybenzoxazine-based compound formed of a polymerized resultant of a first monofunctional benzoxazine-based monomer or a second multifunctional benzoxazine-based monomer with a crosslinkable compound, an electrolyte membrane including the crosslinked object, a ...

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A disk array apparatus (10) including a rack-shaped basic frame (1), and a plurality of disk boxes (20) that can be inserted into and pulled out of the basic frame depth-wise. Each disk box has: disk drive connectors (7) for connecting a plurality of disk drives (5) arranged in a matrix on a platter ...

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The present invention relates to a cosmetic base which includes an anhydrous mixture of an effective amount of at least one first silicone elastomer; an effective amount of at least one second silicone elastomer; at least one non-aqueous solvent; and an effective amount of at least one water insolub ...

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An RFID tag (102), which includes an analog/digital conversion circuit for converting a signal representing the strength of a signal received by the tag via an antenna (103) from an analog format to a digital format, and a transmission circuit for transmitting the signal in digital format, or a sign ...

Evans David Michael: Fap inhibitors. Ferring, March 7, 2007: EP1760076-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

The present invention concerns compounds, according to general formula 1, which find utility, preferably for the treatment of cancer.

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An article of manufacture, such as a jacket or backpack, integrates the services of an audio delivery device, such as an MP3 player, with the services of a two-way communication device, such as a mobile phone, or a two-way radio such as a walkie talkie, citizen band radio, HAM radio, marine or aviat ...