Erwin Meinders
Meinders Erwin R, Mijiritskii Andrei: Multiple-spiral hybrid disc for e-book applications. Koninkl Philips Electronics, yuan chaohui huang lihang, February 28, 2007: CN200580005879

The invention relates to an optical disc (10) comprising a hybrid information layer with at least two congruently adjoining spirals, whereby a first spiral (12) of said adjoining spirals comprises a ROM section containing read only data and a second spiral (14) of said adjoining spirals comprises a ...

Erwin Meinders
Mijiritskii Andrei, Meinders Erwin R: Label on laser entry side of an optical disc. Koninkl Philips Electronics, li jinglan zhang zhicheng, February 28, 2007: CN200580005397

An optical disc (3) for storing data is provided with a label material layer (8) on a laser entry side of the disc (3). The label material layer (8) does not impede reading data from or writing data onto the disc (3). Reflection or absorption of light in the visual spectrum by the label material in ...

Sandeep Tyagi
Agarwal Naveen, Gaggar Satish Kumar, Gupta Deval, Gupta Samik, Krishnamurthy Raja, Kumaraswamy Ramya, Totad Rajashekhar Shiddappa, Tyagi Sandeep: Resin compositions and preparation method thereof, and article prepared thereby. Gen Electric, zhao sulin, February 28, 2007: CN200480042173

A polymer composition is disclosed, which comprises a matrix polymer, a fluoropolymer that may be at least partially encapsulated by an encapsulating polymer, and a filler. Methods for making the polymer compositions and articles made of such compositions are also disclosed. The compositions and art ...

Erwin Meinders
Langereis Gerardus R, Meinders Erwin R, Hellmig Joachim W: Data recording write strategy optimisation. Koninkl Philips Electronics, cheng tianzheng zhang zhicheng, February 28, 2007: CN200480038245

The present invention relates to determining at least one write strategy, using a write strategy model comprising first and second parameters, for recording data on a recording medium comprising, providing at least one set of randomised first parameters, (102, step 202), writing at least one test da ...


Shimoda Tatsuya, Inoue Satoshi, Miyazama Wakao: Exfoliating method, transferring method of thin film device, and thin film device, thin film integrated circuit device, and liquid crystal display device produced by the same. Seiko Epson, February 28, 2007: EP1758169-A2 (51 worldwide citation)

A method for transferring a thin film device on a substrate onto a transfer member, includes: a step for forming a separation layer on the substrate, a step for forming a transferred layer including the thin film device on the separation layer, a step for adhering the transferred layer including the ...

Theroux Marc, Menn Pavel, Manetakis Emmanuel, Aliski Peter, Mazejka Brian: Medical clip applying device. Microline Pentax, February 28, 2007: EP1757236-A2 (41 worldwide citation)

A medical clip applying device (50) for crimping a clip (52a,b). The device has a body assembly (62) having a handle and a squeezable trigger (64), a barrel (72) having a first end extending into the body assembly (62), a pair of jaws (56) arranged on a second end of the barrel (72), the jaws (56) a ...

Reggiardo Christopher V: Method and apparatus for providing sensor guard for data monitoring and detection systems. Therasense, February 28, 2007: EP1755443-A2 (30 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for providing sensor guard for data monitoring and detection system having a sensor for detecting one or more glucose levels, the sensor including a work electrode disposed on a base material, a reference electrode disposed on the base material, and a guard electrode disposed on ...

Yamano Takaharu: Method of manufacturing a wiring board. Shinko Electric Ind Co, February 28, 2007: EP1758438-A2 (28 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacturing a wiring board including an insulating layer 106 where a semiconductor chip 110 is embedded includes: forming, on a supporting board, the insulating layer where the semiconductor chip is embedded and a wiring connected to the semiconductor chip; removing the supporting boar ...

Iochi Hitoshi, Suzuki Hidetoshi: Communication terminal apparatus, scheduling method, and transmission power deriving method. Matsushita Electric, February 28, 2007: EP1758276-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

A communication terminal apparatus that can perform an appropriate system operation at the network side and also can avoid a reduction in throughput and a reduction in system efficiency. In this apparatus, a compressed mode calculating part (124) determines, based on compressed information and slot ...