Bahman Qawami
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Methods and apparatus for enabling a power up process of a non-volatile memory to occur efficiently are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, a method for utilizing a memory system that has a non-volatile memory with at least one reserved memory area includes providing power t ...

Eric First, M.D.
Eric R First: Methods for treating a buttock deformity. Allergan, Stephen Donovan, February 20, 2007: US07179474 (3 worldwide citation)

Methods for treating a buttock deformity or for preventing development of a buttock deformity by local administration of a Clostridial toxin, such as a botulinum neurotoxin, to a buttock deformity or to the vicinity of a buttock deformity.

Stéphane De Lombaert
Taeyoung Yoon, Ping Ge, Stéphane De Lombaert, Raymond F Horvath, Dario Doller, Kevin J Hodgetts, Lu Yan Zhang, Bernd Kaiser, Xuechun Zhang, Yasuchika Yamaguchi, Cunyu Zhang, Jim Darrow: 5-substituted-2-arylpyrazines. Neurogen Corporation, Peter F Corless, Dwight D Kim, Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge, February 20, 2007: US07179807 (2 worldwide citation)

Novel 5-substituted-2-arylpyrazine compounds are provided. Such compounds can act as selective modulators or CRF receptors. Compounds of the invention are provided by the following formula: The 5-substituted-2-arylpyrazine compounds provided herein are useful in the treatment of a number of CNS and ...

Erwin Meinders
Meinders Erwin R, Mijiritskii Andrei: Optical data storage medium and manufacturing methods therefor. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, February 20, 2007: KR1020077002011

An optical data storage medium is described. It comprises at least a substrate, having a surface with data stored in pits that are embossed into the substrate and in spaces separating the pits, a reflective layer covering the surface and having an intrinsic optical reflectivity R at a wavelenght &la ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Carl Dohrman, Saurabh Gupta, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Electro-absorption modulator device and methods for fabricating the same. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, February 20, 2007: US07180648 (8 worldwide citation)

An electro-absorption light intensity modulator device is provided that comprises a first and a second layer disposed relative to the first layer so as to provide a light-absorbing optical confinement region. The first layer comprises a first insulator layer, and the light-absorbing optical confinem ...

Andrew Szabo: Database access system. Alberti Anemometer, Milde & Hoffberg, February 20, 2007: US07181438 (614 worldwide citation)

An improved human user computer interface system, wherein a user characteristic or set of characteristics, such as demographic profile or societal “role”, is employed to define a scope or domain of operation. The operation itself may be a database search, to interactively define a taxonomic context ...

Robert H Nagel, David P Felsher, Steven M Hoffberg: System and method for secure three-party communications. David Felsher, Milde & Hoffberg, February 20, 2007: US07181017 (553 worldwide citation)

A system and method for communicating information between a first party and a second party, comprising identifying desired information, negotiating, through an intermediary, a comprehension function for obscuring at least a portion of the information communicated between the first party and the seco ...

Hark C Chan: Information distribution and processing system. Data Innovation L L C, Martin & Ferraro, February 20, 2007: US07181758 (471 worldwide citation)

An information distribution and processing system contains a sender and a plurality of processing units. The sender delivers a set of digital data, without receiving a request signal, to the plurality of processor units. The set of digital data contains a first set of displayable data, a second set ...

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Methods and systems are provided for lighting systems, including high output linear lighting systems for various environments. The linear lighting systems may include power systems for driving light sources in high-voltage environments.

Tim Nolan, Ernie Aranyi, John Klinger, Keith Ratcliff, John Charles Robertson: Apparatus and method for performing a bypass procedure in a digestive system. Tyco Healthcare Group, February 20, 2007: US07179267 (410 worldwide citation)

Surgical instrumentation and methods for performing a bypass procedure in a digestive system incorporate laparoscopic techniques to minimize surgical trauma to the patient. The instrumentation includes an outer guide member dimensioned for insertion and passage through an esophagus of a patient and ...