Marek Brejl
Vincent J Argiro, Marek Brejl, Renee Maheshwari Rashid, Todd Johnson, Milan Brejl: Image data based retrospective temporal selection of medical images. Vital Images, Schwegman Lundberg Woessner & Kluth Pa, February 15, 2007: US20070036417-A1

Systems and methods for deriving a cardiac cycle signal by selecting images of a portion of a cardiovascular system include receiving a plurality of images from a scanner that have been recorded over a period of time. The images represent one or more locations along the extent of the cardiovascular ...

Steven Jobs
Christopher R Wysocki, Timothy Wasko, Jeffrey L Robbin, Steve Jobs, Greg Christie, Imran Chaudhri: Management of files in a personal communication device. Apple Computer, Beyer Weaver & Thomas, February 15, 2007: US20070038941-A1

Improved approaches for assisting a user interacting with a portable wireless communication device are disclosed. The improved approaches can provide a user interface for the portable wireless communication device that includes including a plurality of linked display screens and a plurality of physi ...

Katsuyuki Musaka
Masayuki Kumekawa, Norio Kimura, Yukio Fukunaga, Katsuyuki Musaka: Electrolytic processing apparatus. Squire Sanders & Dempsey, February 15, 2007: US20070034502-A1

An electrolytic processing apparatus is used to remove a metal film formed on a surface of a substrate. The electrolytic processing apparatus includes a feeding electrode 31 for feeding electricity to a metal film 6 on a substrate W, a processing electrode 32 for processing the metal film 6, a subst ...

Katsuyuki Musaka
Natsuki Makino, Junji Kunisawa, Keisuke Namiki, Yukio Fukunaga, Katsuyuki Musaka, Ray Fang, Emanuel Israel Cooper, John Michael Cotte, Hariklia Deligianni, Keith T Kwietniak, Brett C Baker O Neal, Matteo Flotta, Philippe Mark Vereecken: Electrolytic processing apparatus and method. Squire Sanders & Dempsey, February 15, 2007: US20070034526-A1

An electrolytic processing apparatus can planarize uniformly over an entire surface of a substrate under a low pressure without any damages to the substrate. The electrolytic processing apparatus has a substrate holder configured to hold and rotate a substrate having a metal film formed on a surface ...

Katsuyuki Musaka
Masayuki Kumekawa, Norio Kimura, Yukio Fukunaga, Katsuyuki Musaka, Hariklia Deligianni, Emanuel Israel Cooper, Philippe Mark Vereecken: Electrolytic processing method. Squire Sanders & Dempsey, February 15, 2007: US20070034525-A1

An electrolytic processing method is used to remove a metal film formed on a surface of a substrate. The electrolytic processing method includes providing a feeding electrode 31 and a processing electrode 32 on a table 12, providing an insulating member 36 between the feeding electrode and the proce ...

Lee Woojin: Surgical instrument guide device. Cambridge Endoscopic Devices, Lee Woojin, DRISCOLL David M, February 15, 2007: WO/2007/018898 (388 worldwide citation)

An instrument guide device comprises an elongated guide shaft having proximal and distal ends and including an instrument lumen for receiving therethrough a manually operated instrument having an instrument shaft. A distal bendable member is disposed at the distal end of the guide shaft and a proxim ...

Deguchi Futoshi: Antenna for rf-id reader/writer device, rf-id reader/writer device using the same, and rd-id system. Matsushita Electric, February 15, 2007: JP2007-043535 (106 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an antenna for RF-ID reader/writer devices, a RF-ID reader/writer device using the same, and a RF-ID system which are capable of satisfactorily communicate with a plurality of RF-ID tags disposed at narrow intervals so as to overlap.SOLUTION: The antenna for RD-ID re ...

Vogel Richard C: Wound irrigation device pressure monitoring and control system. Innovative Therapies, Vogel Richard C, MILCH Erik B, February 15, 2007: WO/2007/019038 (75 worldwide citation)

An apparatus includes a pressure housing configured to be coupled to a vacuum source and a diaphragm sealingly coupled to the pressure housing. The diaphragm is configured to move in response to the vacuum source. A magnet is coupled to the diaphragm. A magnetic switch is disposed opposite the magne ...

Bruzzese Tiberio: Composition of n-3 fatty acids having high concentration of epa and/or dha and containing n-6 fatty acids. Bruzzese Tiberio, MANCINI Vincenzo, February 15, 2007: WO/2007/017240 (71 worldwide citation)

A composition of long- chain polyunsaturated fatty acids containing at least 80% by weight of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA, C20:5 n-3) and/or docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, C22:6 n-3) and at least 3% by weight of n-6 fatty acids, particularly C20:4 n-6 and C22:5 n-6, is reported. For a better chemical and ...

Shibazaki Yuichi: (Ja) ステージ装置及び露光装置, (En) Stage apparatus and exposure apparatus. Nikon Corporation, Shibazaki Yuichi, SHIGA Masatake, February 15, 2007: WO/2007/018127 (61 worldwide citation)

(EN) A wafer stage (WST) and a measurement stage (MST) are movable along the upper surface of a base plate (21), and delivery and reception of water (Lq) is performed when the stages are moved together in Y direction while being close to each other. An alignment system (45) measures edges, which com ...