Yanning Song Yanning Song
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A storage voltage of a battery pack is controlled with control electronics. The storage voltage of a battery pack is sensed, and a discharge mechanism is triggered if the storage voltage is within a predetermined range of voltage, to thereby adjust the storage voltage of the battery pack to below th ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Matthew T Currie, Anthony J Lochtefeld, Christopher W Leitz, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Semiconductor devices having strained dual channel layers. AmberWave Systems Corporation, Goodwin Procter, February 8, 2007: US20070032009-A1

A semiconductor structure includes a strain-inducing substrate layer having a germanium concentration of at least 10 atomic %. The semiconductor structure also includes a compressively strained layer on the strain-inducing substrate layer. The compressively strained layer has a germanium concentrati ...

Parichay Saxena
Balaji Thiagarajan, Parichay Saxena: Program Recording Completion. Microsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes Pllc, February 8, 2007: US20070031111-A1

A program recording completion system automatically completes an incomplete program recording of a program. A recording application creates a program recording completion event corresponding to the incomplete program recording which includes program information to automatically complete the incomple ...

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A surgical device is provided that includes a jaw portion with a first jaw and a second jaw moveable relative to the first jaw. The surgical device also includes a shaft portion coupled to a proximal end of the jaw portion. A driver is configured to cause relative movement of the jaw portion and the ...

Stafford Gary Ashley: Inserter and methods of use. Abbott Diabetes Care, OH Kuni, February 8, 2007: WO/2007/016399 (245 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for providing a housing integrated with a sensor introducer and a sensor in analyte monitoring system to deploy the sensor and retain the introducer within the housing upon sensor deployment, and mounting a transmitter to the housing to receive the sensor data is described. The ...

Pervan Darko, Påisson Agne: Mechanical locking of floor panels with a flexible bristle tongue. Välinge Innovation, Pervan Darko, Påisson Agne, IPENDO, February 8, 2007: WO/2007/015669 (113 worldwide citation)

Floor panels (1, 1') are shown, which are provided with a mechanical locking system comprising a displaceable tongue (15) in a displacement groove (40) . The tongue is moulded and provided with bendable protrusions (61).


Hiraiwa Kazuyoshi: Synchronizer of a transmission for restricting drag friction between a synchronizer ring and a shift gear in not synchronizing. Kyowa Metal Works, February 8, 2007: KR1020060072573 (96 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A synchronizer of a transmission is provided to decrease fuel consumption, to restrict rise of oil temperature of the transmission, and to improve synchronized shifting by converting part of friction torque into axial thrust and restricting drag friction between a synchronizer ring and a sh ...

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Means for allowing users to manage and make productive use of PIM data are provided. User status is determined by certain contextual indicia whereby other parties may contact the user through the most appropriate means as reflected by that contextual indicia. Information concerning presence, status, ...