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An access port for enabling passage of a conduit through a partition wall, said port comprising three portions, a sleeve portion surrounding an aperture for receiving a conduit there through, a flange portion for attachment to the partition wall, said flange portion encircles the sleeve portion and ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for separately recovering an aromatic compound and hydrogen chloride from a hydrogen chloride gas containing the aromatic compound.SOLUTION: The separation and recovery method contains a chlorination step to react an aromatic compound with chlorine to obtain ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a magnetic cell in which an inversion current at the time of inversion of magnetization by current direct driving can be reduced, and a magnetic memory using it.SOLUTION: The magnetic head is provided with a first ferromagnetic layer in which magnetization is fixed t ...

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The present invention is directed to compounds according to formula, (R2R3)-A1-c(A2-A3-A4-A5-A6-A7-A8-A9)-A10-R1, and pharmaceutically-acceptable salts thereof that act as ligands for one or more of the melanocortin receptors, to methods of using such compounds to treat mammals and to pharmaceutical ...

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The present invention provides compounds that demonstrate protective effects on target cells from HIV infection in a manner as to bind to a chemokine receptor, and which affect the binding of the natural ligand or chemokine to a receptor such as CXCR4 of a target cell.


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The invention features a triblock copolymer including a hydrophilic block; a hydrophobic block; and a positively charged block capable of reversibly complexing a negatively charged molecule, e.g., a nucleic acid, wherein the hydrophobic block is disposed between the hydrophilic block and the positiv ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for depositing a tungsten film in which resistivity is reduced, the concentration of fluorine in the boundary part of a substrate with a barrier layer is reduced, and adhesion with the barrier layer can be improved.SOLUTION: The method for depositing a tungs ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To independently operate each radiating element by reducing the interference between radiating elements, by the use of an antenna comprising a small and thinned package.SOLUTION: This integrally formed flat-plate multi-element antenna has a ground pattern 2 having a cut-off sec ...

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The present invention relates to an assembly for caring for and/or making up keratin material(s), comprising at least: - one container delimiting at least one compartment, - application means associated with the container, and a composition, placed inside said compartment, the composition comprising ...