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A multi-section filamentary stent comprises a braided section, which is a cylindrical mesh of a first set of filaments, connected to at least one wound section comprising a second set of one or more filaments having a repeating configuration with a bent portion. The two sections are preferably conne ...

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Systems and methods for providing fast and efficient data compression using a combination of content independent data compression and content dependent data compression. In one aspect, a method for compressing data comprises the steps of: analyzing a data block of an input data stream to identify a ...

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Bioprosthetic devices for soft tissue attachment, reinforcement, or construction are provided. The devices comprise a sheet of naturally occurring extracellular matrix and a sheet of synthetic mesh coupled to the naturally occurring extracellular matrix portion.

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The invention relates to a device, system, and method for providing a multi-mode navigation device. In a first mode of operation, the navigation device provides position information based on a radio frequency navigation signals. If radio signals become unavailable, the navigation device enters a sec ...

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A haptic device comprises an actuator and a mass. The actuator has a shaft. The actuator is elastically coupled to the mass and/or a base.

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A method, system, server architecture and/or tangible medium upgrade and award admittance of events to an event customer, preferably via a data communication network. The method includes, for example, receiving a communication from the event customer, the communication including a request to obtain ...

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A thermostat having a thermostat housing and a rotatable selector disposed on the thermostat housing. The rotatable selector adapted to have a range of rotatable positions, where a desired parameter value is identified by the position of the rotatable selector along the range of rotatable positions. ...

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The disclosed teachings provide methods and systems for efficient evaluation of XPath queries. In particular, the disclosed evaluation methods require only polynomial time with respect to the total size of an input XPath query and an input XML document. Crucial for the new methods is the notion of “ ...

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A continuously variable transmission apparatus includes: an input shaft, an output shaft, a toroidal continuously variable transmission, a gear-type differential unit including a plurality of gears, and a controller. The controller calculates a torque actually passing through the toroidal continuous ...

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A multiple RF return pad contact detection system is provided which is adaptive to different physiological characteristics of patients without being susceptible to electrosurgical current interference (e.g., interference or measurement interaction between components of the detection system). The det ...