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Apparatus and systems including one or more first LEDs, each first LED configured to generate first radiation having a first spectrum, and one or more second LEDs, each second LED configured to generate second radiation having a second spectrum different than the first spectrum. A diffuser is employ ...

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Apparatus and methods are provided for partitioning a gastro-intestinal lumen by intraluminally reducing a local cross-sectional area thereof. The apparatus comprises a plurality of anchors adapted for intraluminal penetration into a wall of the gastro-intestinal lumen to prevent migration or dislod ...

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A process for producing an oxime is provided, wherein the process comprises the step of reacting a ketone, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia in the presence of a crystalline titanosilicate having MWW structure under the condition that the ammonia concentration in the liquid portion of the reaction mixtu ...

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A device and method for mapping, diagnosing and treating the intestinal tract is provided using a capsule passing through the intestinal tract. Further, a capsule tracking system is provided for tracking a capsule's location along the length of an intestinal tract as various treatment and/or sensing ...

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A system for measuring a glucose level in a blood sample includes a test strip and a meter. The test strip includes a sample chamber, a working electrode, a counter electrode, fill-detect electrodes, and an auto-on conductor. A reagent layer is disposed in the sample chamber. The auto-on conductor c ...

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An electrosurgical instrument which includes opposing end effectors and a handle for effecting movement of the end effectors relative to one another. The instrument includes a housing and a pair of electrodes. Each electode preferably includes an electrically conductive surface (e.g., which can be d ...

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The present invention relates to the use of self-assembled monolayers with mixtures of conductive oligomers and insulators to detect target analytes.

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The present invention relates to systems and methods providing content-access-based information retrieval. Information items from a plurality of disparate information sources that have been previously accessed or considered are automatically indexed in a data store, whereby a multifaceted user inter ...

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A synthetic image viewed from a virtual point of view above a vehicle is generated, using images captured by a plurality of cameras shooting surroundings of the vehicle. In the synthetic image, an illustration image or an actual image of the vehicle is displayed in a vehicle region in which the vehi ...