Eb Eshun
Ebenezer E Eshun: Thin-film resistor and method of manufacturing the same. International Business Machines Corporation, Anthony J Canale, December 5, 2006: US07145218 (4 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to integration of a thin-film resistor in a wiring level, such as, for example, an aluminum back-end-of-line (BEOL) technology. The thin-film resistor is formed in a wiring level on, for example, an upper surface of a dielectric layer. The thin-film resistor includes end portio ...


Frederick E Shelton IV, Eugene L Timperman: Surgical instrument incorporating EAP blocking lockout mechanism. Ethicon Endo Surgery, December 5, 2006: US07143925 (596 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling and severing instrument particularly suited to endoscopic procedures incorporates a handle that produces separate closing and firing motions to actuate an end effector. The handle produces multiple firing strokes to reduce the required amount of force required to fire (i.e., stap ...

Ron M Redlich, Martin A Nemzow: Data security system and method responsive to electronic attacks. Digital Doors, Robert C Kain Jr, Fleit Kain, December 5, 2006: US07146644 (552 worldwide citation)

An adaptive method, system and program for securing data against a plurality of electronic and environmental events directed at computers utilizes a hacking monitor which generates attack warnings (such as a hacking warning) dependent upon the severity of the attack. Based upon these warnings, data ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Kevin Ross Doll, Douglas B Hoffman, Michael Earl Setser, Jeffrey S Swayze: Surgical stapling instrument incorporating a multi-stroke firing mechanism with return spring rotary manual retraction system. Ethicon Endo Surgery, December 5, 2006: US07143926 (526 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling and severing instrument particularly suited to endoscopic procedures incorporates a handle that produces separate closing and firing motions to actuate an end effector. In particular, the handle produces multiple firing strokes in order to reduce the required amount of force requ ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Michael Earl Setser, William Bruce Weisenburgh II: Surgical stapling instrument having a firing lockout for an unclosed anvil. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Dean Garner, December 5, 2006: US07143923 (492 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument for laparoscopic and endoscopic clinical procedures simultaneously severs and staples tissue clamped in an end effector comprising an elongate channel, which holds a staple cartridge, and a pivotally attached anvil. An E-beam firing bar engages the channel and selectively engag ...

Isaac K Elliott: System, method and article of manufacture for selecting a gateway of a hybrid communication system architecture. MCI Communications Corporation, December 5, 2006: US07145898 (462 worldwide citation)

Telephone calls, data and other multimedia information is routed through a hybrid network which includes transfer of information across the internet utilizing telephony routing information and internet protocol address information. A media order entry captures complete user profile information for a ...

Paul A Scirica, Stanislaw Marczyk: Surgical stapling apparatus with locking mechanism. Tyco Healthcare Group, December 5, 2006: US07143924 (460 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure provides for a loading unit for use with a surgical stapling apparatus. The loading unit includes a housing portion having a distal end and a proximal end, a drive assembly slidably supported within the housing portion of the loading unit, and a locking member supported on the ...

David P Henzerling: Wireless music device and method therefor. Intel Corporation, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt P C, December 5, 2006: US07143939 (395 worldwide citation)

Briefly, in accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a music player may receive a requested music file through a wireless communication. For example, the device may establish a peer-to-peer wireless communication path(s) with another device to initiate a request for a music file without a pr ...

Paul S Martin, Franklin J Wall Jr: LED lamp heat sink. Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, Patent Law Group, December 5, 2006: US07144135 (255 worldwide citation)

An LED lamp includes an exterior shell that has the same form factor as a conventional incandescent light bulb, such as a PAR type bulb. The LED lamp includes an optical reflector that is disposed within the shell and that directs the light emitted from one or more LEDs. The optical reflector and sh ...

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