Shimokawa Hanae, Soga Tasao, Okudaira Hiroaki, Ishida Toshiharu, Nakatsuka Tetsuya, Inaba Yoshiharu, Nishimura Asao: Pb-free solder-connected structure and electronic device. Kabushiki Kaisha Hitachi Seisakusho, November 30, 2006: KR1020067022642

A Pb-free solder-connected structure having a sufficiently large connection strength, featuring an interface that remains stable even after the passage of time, and maintaining sufficient wettability and resistance against whiskers, and an electronic device. Specifically, a Pb- free solder, characte ...

Luskey Kenneth L, Luo Jian: Use of (-) (3-trihalomethylphenoxy) (4-halophenyl) acetic acid derivatives for treatment of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidaemia and hyperuricaemia. Metabolex, Diatex, November 30, 2006: KR1020067022082

The present invention provides the use of (-) (3-trihalomethylphenoxy) (4-halophenyl) acetic acid derivatives and compositions in the treatment of insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia.

Kim Sang Hee: Health food comprising monoacetyldiacylglycerols compound isolated from young antlers of the deer which is useful as immune modulator. Kim Sang Hee, November 30, 2006: KR1020060102032

PURPOSE: Provided is a health food comprising monoacetyldiacylglycerols compound as active ingredient which is effective to prevent and treat a septic shock or cancer and to modulate an immunity, and which is useful as immune modulator, medicine for septic shock and anticancer medicine. CONSTITUTION ...

Kardach James: Method to reduce power in a computer system with bus master devices. Intel Corporation, November 30, 2006: KR1020067021404

A system memory (110, 210) accessed by a bus master controller (145, 245) is set as non-cacheable. A bus master status bit is not set for any bus master controller transfer cycles with the non-cacheable memory (110, 120) while the system processor (102, 202) is in a low power state.

Oh Chul Woo: Image forming apparatus and an image forming method for preventing the waste of time required for printing. Samsung Electronics, November 30, 2006: KR1020060099901

PURPOSE: An image forming apparatus and an image forming method are provided to prevent the formation of an image when the skew of the print paper exceeds a predetermined range. CONSTITUTION: A developing process member(30) includes plural developing process rollers(32) and coats the developing agen ...

Iida Koichiro, Ogata Tomoyuki, Tanaka Asato: Composition for charge-transporting film and ion compound, charge- transporting film and organic electroluminescent device using same, and method for manufacturing organic electroluminescent device and method for producing charge-transporting film. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, November 30, 2006: KR1020067021144

Disclosed is an excellent composition for charge-transporting films which enables to obtain an organic electroluminescent device with excellent heat resistance and high hole injecting/transporting ability which can be driven at a low voltage. The composition for charge-transporting films contains at ...

Zheng Haihong: Method, apparatus and computer program product providing quality of service support in a wireless communications system. Nokia Corporation, November 30, 2006: KR1020067021041

Disclosed herein area method, apparatus and computer program product to correlate service instance for a mobile station (MS), radio access network (RAN) and a packet data. serving node (PDSN) connection by exchanging identifiers between the entities involved in the connections. Also disclosed herein ...

Kim Hyun Soo, Hong Seock Deock, Park Geun Yong: Roller and a manufacturing method thereof, a driving unit of an image forming apparatus and the image forming apparatus for controlling an image error due to the phase of the roller to support a belt. Samsung Electronics, November 30, 2006: KR1020060098601

PURPOSE: A roller and a manufacturing method thereof, a driving unit of an image forming apparatus and the image forming apparatus are provided to control an image error due to plural image containing members. CONSTITUTION: A frame(110) comprises a front frame and a rear frame combined with each oth ...

Han Im Seob: Method for preparing pomegranate wine and pomegranate wine prepared by the same for allowing consumer to eat pomegranate irrespective of seasons. Applease Korea, November 30, 2006: KR1020060098437

PURPOSE: A method for preparing pomegranate wine is provided to allow consumers to take pomegranate having various nutrients and hormones regardless of seasons by processing the pomegranate into the wine. CONSTITUTION: The method comprises the steps of: (a) removing peel and fibroid material from po ...

Kiss Krisztian, Asthana Sarvesh: System and method for pushing content to a terminal utilizing a network-initiated data service technique. Nokia Corporation, November 30, 2006: KR1020067020958

A system is provided for pushing content to a terminal located within a mobile network or a private network. The system includes a network node, such as a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) proxy, located across a public network from the network. including the terminal. The network node is capable of ...