Eb Eshun
Coolbaugh Douglas D, Eshun Ebenezer E, Stein Kenneth J, Vaed Kunal: Hi-k dielectric layer deposition method on substrate. Ibm, zhang gao, November 29, 2006: CN200610084458

Methods of forming a high dielectric constant dielectric layer are disclosed including providing a process chamber including a holder for supporting a substrate, introducing a first gas comprising a high dielectric constant (Hi-K) dielectric precursor and an oxygen (O2) oxidant into the process cham ...

Erwin Meinders
Meinders Erwin, Wilderbeek Johannes, Van Der Mark Martinus: Display. Koninkl Philips Electronics, cheng tianzheng chen jingjun, November 29, 2006: CN200480030890

The present invention relates to a display for displaying pre-recorded images. The display comprises at least one image stack comprising at least one image sub-stack (13, 14, 15). The image sub-stack comprises a material which optical properties depend on a potential difference (V1) applied between ...

Gustafsson Nils Ove, Joensson Monica, Laakso Timo: Cores and microcapsules suitable for parenteral administration as well as process for their manufacture. Stratosphere Pharma, November 29, 2006: EP1726299-A2 (37 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel processes for the manufacture of cores of a specific polymer and a biologically active substance, and of such cores carrying a shell, i.e. microcapsules, to the cores and microcapsules thus produced, and to a pharmaceutical composition comprising such microcaps ...

Nakakado Masaki, Satoh Hitoshi: Web processing device and web processing method. Zuiko, November 29, 2006: EP1726414-A1 (36 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a web processing device, comprising a plurality of pads P i revolving around a axis X1, a cutter 30 for cutting a continuous web W, and a plurality of anvils A i for receiving the cutter 30. The pads P i receive the continuous web W, and the cutter 30 cuts the contin ...

Carlson David G, Dimos Kurt A: Air compression system comprising a thermal storage tank. Ingersoll Rand Co, November 29, 2006: EP1726350-A1 (35 worldwide citation)

A fluid compression system includes a compressor that is operable to produce a flow of compressed fluid and a coolant compressor that is operable to produce a flow of coolant. A base includes at least one polymer wall that at least partially defines a reservoir space. The base supports the compresso ...

Defoort Steven Wim: Mobile communications. British Telecomm, November 29, 2006: EP1727383-A1 (34 worldwide citation)

A mobile communications service provider 18 stores a number of datasets relating to subscriptions for use in a network 13 other than the provider's own. When a mobile unit 10 identifies that it has "roamed" to a network 13 other than its home network 11 it sends a call 34 for to its own provider req ...

Lucatello Marco: (multilift) Cycle. Fiat Ricerche, November 29, 2006: EP1726790-A1 (26 worldwide citation)

An internal-combustion engine is equipped with a system of variable actuation of the intake valves that is controlled electronically for the purpose of imparting on the valves different opening and closing times and different lifts according to the operating conditions of the engine. During one and ...

Shiraishi Kenichi: Exposure apparatus, supply method and recovery method, exposure method, and device producing method. Nippon Kogaku, November 29, 2006: EP1727188-A1 (25 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an exposure apparatus that can prevent the degradation of exposure and measurement accuracies. An exposure apparatus (EX) exposes a substrate (P) by irradiating the substrate (P) with exposure light (EL) through a projection optical system (PL) and a liquid (LQ), and c ...

Jaeaeskelaeinen Pirjo, Tuominen Olli, Ommundsen Espen, Ackermanns Nina: Propylene polymer with high crystallinity. Borealis Tech Oy, November 29, 2006: EP1726602-A1 (22 worldwide citation)

A composition suitable for the manufacture of films having a very advantageous stiffness-processability-balance comprising a high crystalline propylene polymer having decaline solubles not more than 1.6 wt% and a polydispersity index (PI) of at least 5.0.

Hannigan Raymond R, Biltz Jr Charles I, Fashek Christopher, Leiniger James R, Dilazzaro Frank, Johnson Royce W, Schroeder Wayne J: Vacuum assisted closure system with heating and cooling provision. Kci Licensing, November 29, 2006: EP1726276-A2 (22 worldwide citation)

A method for the promoting wound healing in mammals, said method comprising the steps of applying a vacuum to a region of a wound site on a mammal; and effecting a change in the mammal's inflammatory response at said region while said vacuum is applied thereto.