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A method for controlling watermark embedding in a media object through the use of a watermark embedding command. In the process of creating the media object, the method includes a watermark embedding command among a set of one or more rendering commands that specify how the media object is to be ren ...

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A method for displaying marine vessel information automatically selects a chosen visual display based on the magnitudes of one or more vessel-related parameters, such as engine speed, gear selector position, or vessel velocity. Based on the selected marine vessel operating condition, the chosen visu ...

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A compact sensor system integrates electric and/or magnetic field sensors to accurately measure, with a high level of sensitivity, one or more electric and magnetic vector components of fields. The electric and magnetic field data can be utilized separately or combined. The sensor system is self-con ...

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A controller includes a programmable schedule and a user interface, adapted and configured to illustratively display at least a portion of the programmable schedule along a time axis and a current time indicator positioned to indicate the current time along the time axis. A method is also described ...

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A programming device used to program an implantable neurostimulator (INS) presents battery longevity information to a user to assist the user in selecting a program for the INS. The programming device directs the INS to deliver neurostimulation therapy according to a plurality of programs during a p ...

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A system transmits data on a multi-conductor signal path, which produces a current flow based on the value of the data transmitted. The system reduces changes in current flow between successive data transmissions by encoding data values represented by sets of N bits to produce corresponding sets of ...

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A presentation system is disclosed for synchronizing a performance of a plurality of presentation content portions at a network node, wherein, when two such content portions are to be presented concurrently at the network node, at least one is delayed until the other such portion can be presented co ...

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Controlled cessation of heart beat during coronary bypass surgery and other cardiac surgeries on a beating heart improves surgical technique, and is achieved typically by electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve and administration of a combination of drugs.

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A handpiece that includes a handpiece assembly, a handpiece housing and a cooling fluidic medium valve member. An electrode assembly is coupled to the handpiece housing. The electrode assembly has a least one RF electrode that is capacitively coupled to a skin surface when at least a portion of the ...

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A communication system (10) supports the provision of a plurality of dedicated communication resources (50–64), such as copper drops, RF links and optical fibers, to dedicated home-gateway devices (44–48) or distribution points (124). The communication resources (50–64) support broadband interconnec ...