Robert Senzig
Allison L Weiner, Robert F Senzig, Steve Woloschek, Amanta Mazumdar, Regan Fields, John Londt, Melissa Vass, Joe Hogan, Rick Avila, Anne Conry: Adaptable user interface for diagnostic imaging. The Small Patent Law Group, November 23, 2006: US20060264749-A1

A method for operating a plurality of user interfaces coupled to a plurality of medical devices through a communication network is provided. The method includes performing medical diagnostics on a patient using at least two of the plurality of medical devices, wherein the user interface is configure ...

Parichay Saxena
Alexandru D Burst, Alisson AS Sol, David Koronthaly, Ricard Roma Dalfo, Scott M Isaacs, Maarten W Mullender, Parichay Saxena, Todd Abel: Flexible data-bound user interfaces. Microsoft Corporation, Perkins Coie Msft, November 23, 2006: US20060265359-A1

A facility for creating and using flexible data-bound user interfaces is described. In some embodiments, the facility receives an indication of a reference that is contained within a document loaded by a client application. The reference indicates a line of business application containing informatio ...

Marcos Laraia
Jose Marcos Laraia, David John Willis: Providing nonlinear temperature compensation for sensing means by use of Pade approximant function emulators. Macpherson Kwok Chen & Heid, November 23, 2006: US20060265167-A1

Sensors and/or transducers can exhibit nonlinear response to temperature changes in terms of offset and also in terms of sensitivity to variations in a sensed physical attribute (pressure, strain, displacement, etc.). Padé Approximant function emulators are used to model the nonlinear offset and/or ...

Foster Ron B, Malshe Ajay P, Kelley Matthew W: Infinitely stackable interconnect device and method. Foster Ron B, Malshe Ajay P, Kelley Matthew W, DOUGHERTY J Charles, November 23, 2006: WO/2006/124597 (106 worldwide citation)

The method for fabricating the interconnected device includes the steps of: forming a substrate (101), at least partically filling vias with conductive material; connecting vias to conductive traces to conductive traces on top surface of the interconnect chip (100); connecting vias to conductive tra ...

Joo Chulmin, de, Boer Johannes F: Arrangements, systems and methods capable of providing spectral-domain optical coherence reflectometry for a sensitive detection of chemical and biological sample. The General Hospital Corporation, Joo Chulmin, de, Boer Johannes F, ABELEV Gary, November 23, 2006: WO/2006/124860 (93 worldwide citation)

Systems, arrangements and methods for a molecular recognition are provided. For example, a particular radiation having wavelength that varies over time and/or a spectral width that is greater than 10nm can be provided. For example, at least one first electro-magnetic radiation can be provided to at ...

Gahman Timothy C, Lang Hengyuan, Davis Robert L, Scranton Shawn A: Inhibitors of b-raf kinase. Kalypsys, Gahman Timothy C, Lang Hengyuan, Davis Robert L, Scranton Shawn A, HO Raymond J, November 23, 2006: WO/2006/124874 (82 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to compounds and methods useful as inhibitors of B-Raf for the treatment or prevention of cancer, including hematological and non-hematologic malignancies, hematopoiesis, autoimmune diseases, dermatologic and ophthalmologic conditions.

Garcia Echeverria Carlos, Stauffer Frédéric, Furet Pascal: Imidazoquinolines as lipid kinase inhibitors. Novartis, Garcia Echeverria Carlos, Stauffer Frédéric, Furet Pascal, DE WEERD Peter, November 23, 2006: WO/2006/122806 (72 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to novel organic compounds of formula (I) processes for the preparation thereof, the application thereof in a process for the treatment of the human or animal body, the use thereof - alone or in combination with one or more other pharmaceutically active compounds - for the trea ...

Shenderov Alexander D, Pollack Michael G: Method and device for conducting biochemical or chemical reactions at multiple temperatures. Nanolytics, Duke University, Shenderov Alexander D, Pollack Michael G, MILLS Eric E, November 23, 2006: WO/2006/124458 (71 worldwide citation)

Methods and devices for conducting chemical or biochemical reactions that require multiple reaction temperatures are described. The methods involve moving one or more reaction droplets or reaction volumes through various reaction zones having different temperatures on a microfluidics apparatus. The ...

Nguyen Than, Nguyen Hung, Nguyen Mykim, Komatsu Stanley, Michiels Robrecht: Heart valve prothesis and methods of manufacture and use. Corevalve, Nguyen Than, Nguyen Hung, Nguyen Mykim, Komatsu Stanley, Michiels Robrecht, PISANO Nicola A, November 23, 2006: WO/2006/124649 (70 worldwide citation)

A heart valve prosthesis is provided having a self-expanding multi-level frame that supports a valve body comprising a skirt and plurality of coapting leaflets. The frame transitions between a contracted delivery configuration that enables percutaneous transluminal delivery, and an expanded deployed ...

Baur Michael J, Mccabe Ian A, Habibi Hamid, Lynam Niall R: Vehicle mirror assembly with indicia at reflective element. Donnelly Corporation, Baur Michael J, Mccabe Ian A, Habibi Hamid, Lynam Niall R, VAN DYKE GARDNER LINN Timothy A Flory 2851 Charlevoix Drive Se Po Box 888695 Grand Rapids Michigan 49588 8695, November 23, 2006: WO/2006/124682 (68 worldwide citation)

A rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a reflective element (110) having at least one substrate (114) with a reflective coating (120) thereon. A specularly reflective indicia reflector (124) is established to form indicia or information at the reflective element. The indicia reflector pro ...

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