David Sherrer
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Provided are methods of forming sealed via structures. One method involves: (a) providing a semiconductor substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface; (b) forming a layer on the first surface of the substrate; (c) etching a via hole through the substrate from the ...

Ana Londergan
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A composite film comprised of three layers is formed by ALD on a substrate with a substrate interface surface. A first layer is coupled to the substrate interface surface. The first layer provides adhesion to the substrate interface surface and initiation of layer by layer ALD growth. A second layer ...

Craig Allen
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A miter saw has a remotely actuated bevel angle locking system and a bevel angle adjustment assistance system with a remote override actuator so that the user does not need to reach around to the back of the miter saw to adjust the bevel angle. The remote actuator for the bevel angle locking system ...

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A surgical device is described herein that can be used to fire different types and sizes of disposable loading units. In a preferred embodiment, the device applies parallel rows of surgical fasteners to body tissue and concomitantly forms an incision between the rows of staples during an endoscopic ...

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A combination medical device comprising a circular stapler instrument and one or more portions of preformed buttress material adapted to be stably positioned upon the staple cartridge and/or anvil components of the stapler prior or at the time of use. Positioned buttress material(s) are delivered to ...

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A surgical stapling and severing instrument particularly suited to endoscopic procedures incorporates a handle that produces separate closing and firing motions to actuate an end effector. In particular, the handle produces multiple firing strokes in order to reduce the required amount of force requ ...

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A system and a method for providing content, management and interactivity for client devices are provided. Digital data based on user specified preferences is automatically obtained and transferred.

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The present disclosure provides for supplying collaborative planning by a computerized framework manager. Steps include furnishing network connections and collecting supply and demand information from business entities. Such information is analyzed and used to facilitate planning among the business ...

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A method of using a first communications device, such as a mobile telephone, together with at least one other communications device, such as a telephone, comprises the steps of playing back audio signals in the first communications device, transmitting the same audio signals to the other communicati ...

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A method for dynamically allocating control of a storage device, the method comprising receiving an access request from a first computer requesting access to a storage device; directing, based upon the access request, a first storage controller computer to assume an inactive state with respect to co ...